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The Importance of Getting a Service Animal Registration Kit

April 26, 2022

Dogs are often called man’s best friend. They love unconditionally and they’re happy to tag along on car rides and walks around the neighborhood. For people with disabilities, dogs are more than a companion. When a dog is trained as a service dog, it means independence for a person who otherwise might need to rely on other people for help with daily living. In the United States, registering a service dog isn’t a legal requirement. However, when you register your dog, you help ensure your rights as a service dog owner are respected. If you decide to register your service dog, consider buying a registration kit. Learn more here about why these kits are important for service dog owners.

Documentation and Service Dog Status

Seeing a service dog at work is common today as a growing number of people use them for help with activities of daily living. It’s also common for restaurant staff, retail store management, and those in charge of other public establishments to question whether a person’s service dog is legitimate. When you purchase a registration kit, you’ll receive a certificate and an ID for your service dog. These two items provide proof of your dog’s status as a service dog. Keep both handy to show when you encounter people who don’t understand ADA laws for service dog owners. The documentation and identification you’ll receive make your service dog visibly official.

Registration Kits Help Reduce Discrimination

When you rent a home or apartment, of course, you’ll want your canine companion to live with you. Landlords and property managers don’t always know about protections offered to service animals and their owners. Sometimes they won’t rent to a person if they have a dog. If you have a disability or medical condition, you have a right to keep your service dog with you in your residence. The documentation in a service animal registration kit can be shown to prospective landlords. Since service dogs are not only medically necessary but protected by law, your documentation and pet ID cards should make discussions with prospective landlords easier.

Helps Your Service Dog Concentrate on Work

When people see you with your service dog, many want to pet or play with the animal. Their intentions are good, but they don’t realize how distracting they can be to your dog. Your safety and well-being depend on your dog remaining focused. One way you can help people not distract your dog is to use the patches in your kit. Patches are sewn on the dog’s service vest where people can easily see them. The patch identifies your dog as a registered service animal. You can also order patches that caution people not to pet your dog without your permission.

Keep Your Dog Safe During Emergencies

Registration kits for service animals help protect them. Imagine if you were in a situation where you needed to be evacuated. What would you do if you and your pet were separated? When your dog wears a vest with the patches included in the kit, emergency responders can be alerted to keep an eye out for your dog. They’ll understand the importance of your dog and your safety and will work hard to find your pet and put the two of you back together.

Whether you’re just starting out using a service dog or you’re a seasoned owner, consider buying a registration kit. It’s a logical step you can take to protect your right to have your service animal by your side when you go out in public. To see our selection of registration kits for service animals, contact us at the National Service Animal Registry today!

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