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ESA Airline Letter. Our ESA letter is a legal document signed by a licensed mental health professional that prescribes an emotional support animal for you as treatment for an emotional disability. An ESA letter means your pet can accompany you on an airplane and you can't be charged a pet fee. Due to changes by the Department of Transportation (DOT), the international airline - Volaris is the remaining airline that continues serve emotional support animals and their handlers with a legitimate ESA letter.

If you're flying a US-based commercial airline, you'll want to identify your dog as a psychiatric service dog.

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ESA Housing Letter. It also qualifies you to live in "no-pet" housing (apartments, condos, rental homes) without being charged any kind of pet fee for your ESA. Nearly all property managers require a therapist-signed form, sometimes referred to as a reasonable accommodation form or verification form, to confirm your need for an ESA. Although other companies charge up to $75 each time you ask them to complete one of these forms, NSAR therapists will complete an unlimited number of these forms at no additional charge!



Included with your ESA evaluation and ESA Letter:

  • ESA Assessment
  • Valid ESA letter (Housing and Airline)
  • Completed Landlord Reasonable Accommodation Forms

Quick and Thorough

Our ESA letter qualification process is quick, easy, and performed by licensed mental health professionals. We’ve developed a highly effective questionnaire that gathers only the most critical information necessary to make a disabled determination – and dispenses with unnecessary, time-consuming testing.

Once you complete the testing, a licensed therapist will contact you for a brief conversation to qualify you. Your ESA letter will be emailed within a few hours! The physical copy will be mailed within one business day.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

In the rare instance a client does not qualify for an ESA letter, a complete refund is immediately issued. There is absolutely no monetary risk.


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