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Service Dog Registrations make life easier for you and your dog

Although Service Dog Registration is highly recommended, it is not required by law. There are tangible benefits of registering your dog, however, that will make life much easier for you when the two of you are in public.

Registering your dog as a service dog, legitimizes it and you (officially establishing your dog's service dog legtimacy) and helps eliminate the hassles and confrontations you'll almost certainly encounter without. That's the purpose of National Service Animal Registry: To make life easier for disabled persons who travel in public with service dogs and emotional support animals.

Stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. are require by law to let you bring your service dog inside. However, some public entities are uninformed of the laws and will stand their ground that identification is required to enter their estbalishment. With your NSAR service vest and ID card to formalize your dog's look, these uncomfortable encounters turn into more accepting situations, allowing you do your business undisturbed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions pet owners have about Service Dogs

Service animals are dogs that are trained to perform tasks and to do work to ease their handlers' disabilities. They work as part of a team with their disabled partners to help their handler achieve safety and independence. Hearing dogs help alert deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to important sounds, mobility dogs assist individuals who use wheelchairs, walking devices, and who have balance issues, and guide dogs help blind and visually impaired individuals navigate their environments. Medical alert dogs signal the onset of a medical issue, such as a seizure or low blood sugar, alert the handler to the presence of allergens, and other functions.

Service dogs can be any breed and any size. It is very common to see very small breeds trained as alert and medical assistance dogs.

Yes, you can train your own dog. There are no requirements for who trains your dog. The only requirement is that your dog is trained to help you perform a major life task that you have difficulty performing or can't perform yourself. Many people train their own pets or have a local trainer help them with the training.

There are many disabilities that may qualify you to have a service dog. The most familiar examples are a blind person's need for a seeing-eye dog or a hearing-impaired person's need for an alert dog. There are MANY other common examples, including a person with balance issues (occasional dizziness, etc.) and his/her need for a dog to stabilize its handler, or a person with PTSD who benefits from a psychiatric service dog to provide medication reminders and lay across its handler to provide deep pressure therapy during panic attacks. See a comprehensive list of disabilities that might qualify you as disabled.