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New York, NY: A Great Place to Visit with Your Service Do

April 26, 2022

If there is any city in the world that people dream of visiting, it’s New York. This iconic city is filled with amazing things to see, from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State building, as well as the home of dozens of TV shows, and the inspiration of novels.

If you’ve always wanted to see New York, or are planning to move there, you may be wondering if it’s a safe place to bring a dog. New York has many places that are dog friendly, whether you want to get a bite with your emotional support animal, or see the sights with the help of your service dog. Here are a few great places you can bring your dog, whether he is a working one or not.

Great places to eat with your dog

Taking your emotional support animal or pet to a restaurant isn’t always easy. Most restaurants frown on anything but a service dog entering their premises, making it difficult to take your pet with you when you go out to eat. Fortunately, NYC has an abundance of dog friendly locations to eat out at, and here are two of them.

The Wilson

If your service dog has been a very good boy, taking him along to Chelsea restaurant The Wilson will get his tail wagging for sure. Not only is this high end restaurant dog friendly, it also has a fancy menu especially for dogs.

Unlike many restaurants that offer a burger patty or other simple fair, your dog can dine on salmon or even a choice steak at this restaurant. All dogs are welcome, so if you want your emotional support animal to try a little grilled chicken breast or other treat, your dog is welcome. Join them at 132 W 27th St New York, NY 10001


The Cookshop not only features an amazing breakfast menu, it also has a huge patio with plenty of room for you and your service dog to enjoy. Shade is available when its hot, and there’s also a lot of greenery on 10th ave, making it even more appealing for dog owners. You can try out their American style menu at 156 10th Ave New York, NY 10011

Stay at the Park Lane Hotel

This beautiful hotel has an incredible view of New York City’s famous Central Park. They are ADA compliant, and even have their own pet package, including a bed, poop bags, bowls, treats and a list of pet friendly events you can take your pet to.

Your service dog will appreciate the ease of access to potty spots, and you’ll love the accessible nature of the hotel. It’s perfect for everyone. Stop by at 36 Central Park S , New York, New York 10019.

Visit Central Park

Central Park is an enormous green space both you and your dog will love. The park is, of course, open to all animals, from your emotional support animal to your service dog. Dogs are allowed off leash in the early morning and late evening, and must be on-leash the rest of the time. Basic responsible dog ownership rules apply, such as picking up after your dog and maintaining voice control over your pet when he is not on leash.

There are a few areas where dogs are not permitted at any time except for service dogs, such as the sheep meadow and the playgrounds, for safety reasons, and also certain areas where your dog must be leashed even during off leash time. This includes the bridle path and the Conservatory, again for the safety of the grounds, animals, and other people.

Central Park is huge with multiple entrances. You can access the park from 59th to 110th Street Manhattan Borough, and from Central Park West to 5th Avenue, New York City, NY 10022

Give your Service Dog some off duty fun at Sirius Dog run

The Sirius Dog Run is an off-leash area that pays tribute to the service dogs who helped during the devastating 9/11 attacks. If you have a working animal such as a service dog or an emotional support animal, it’s particularly appropriate that you make this off-leash dog park a stop for your furry friend.

The dog park offers a wading area for the dogs, and while it is small it is one of the most popular dog parks in New York City. Check this park out at 385 S End Ave, New York City, NY, US, 72758.

Go Hiking on NYC’s only natural hiking trail

Inwood Hill Park Trail is the only natural hiking trail on Manhattan Island. The 2 mile hike has a few slopes that will provide you and your service dog with exercise, while at the same time being a beautiful trail that provides epic views of the city. Check it out yourself at 22-90 Payson Ave, New York City, NY, US, 10034

Your dog must be on a 6 foot or shorter leash for this trail, but is welcome to go with you for this hour long walk in nature. It’s a great place to bond with your emotional support animal, or to spend time with your dog in general.

Need a vet?

You depend on your service dog to help you in your daily life. If he gets ill, that means you will suffer too. That is why knowing where a quality vet is no matter what city you travel to is vitally important. One of the best vets in NYC is Hudson Animal Hospital at 238 W 61st Street New York, NY 10023. They can provide emergency care for your service dog, as well as a wide range of other procedures, and of course normal preventative care.

If your service dog needs medical attention while you are visiting NYC, this is a great choice for care.

Take your dog to coffee in the bark

On the first Saturday of every month, you can gather at Prospect Park with other dog owners for coffee and treats for both you and your dog. This is a great opportunity to socialize your emotional support animal, and to meet other people who share your love for dogs. The 9th street entrance is the closest address to this event, located at Prospect Park West (at 9th St.) Brooklyn, NY 11215.

New York City has many wonderful places you can take your dog, whether you own a service dog, an emotional support animal, or just a pet. Enjoy NYC and its many wonders, and take your dog with you. They’ll love it as much as you.

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