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Major Benefits of Service Dog Registration

April 25, 2022

Service dogs provide life-saving benefits, companionship, safety, and security for many people with emotional and physical disabilities. While it’s technically not required to register your service dog if you own one, it does come with several benefits worth mentioning. Continue reading to learn why using a service dog registry is beneficial to you and your dog.

Offers Supporting Documentation

Have you ever had your service dog with you at a restaurant, hotel, or another public place and been harassed or felt you had to explain why you needed your dog by your side? If so, you know how frustrating, humiliating, and infuriating this can be. When you have documentation ready to show people who are questioning your right to have your dog with you, it eases tension and creates a more welcoming atmosphere.

Avoid Housing Discrimination

Many landlords aren’t aware that ADA protection for service dogs and their human companions also applies to housing. If you’re interested in a rental property but are being told that pets aren’t allowed, having documentation that your dog is more than a pet helps you argue your case. It’s definitive proof that you need your service dog and if the landlord doesn’t allow the dog then they are in violation of the HUD Fair Housing Act and ADA protection.

Keep Your Pet Focused

When you register a service dog, it makes his or her job noticeable to strangers. Why is this important for your dog? Well, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of animal-loving strangers who want to pet and give your dog a little love. While this is fine, if it’s something you allow, it’s also something that can be very distracting for your service dog. By registering your dog, you’ll get a vest that identifies your dog as a service animal. Most people recognize the meaning behind these vests and know that proper etiquette is to not approach the dog unless given permission. As well trained as service dogs are, they still love attention and having them registered keeps them focused on their responsibility to you.

Keep Your Pet Safe

If you’re ever in an emergency situation that requires evacuation, it’s possible that you and your dog could become separated. Should this happen, it’s important that rescue personnel know who a dog belongs to so you can be reunited quickly. Having your pet registered is one way to make the reuniting process faster.

How to Register Your Dog

Whether you’re flying, staying in a hotel, or wanting to eat at the newest restaurant, these are things you may need to do with your service dog or emotional support animal by your side. To register your animal, it’s recommended you find a good service dog registry. These services have amazing customer service and give you the respect, courtesy, and patience you deserve. The process to register your dog can feel overwhelming to some people. That’s why great customer service is so important. You also want to work with a registry agency that has a long history of doing this work and a reputation for organization and professionalism.

Are you ready to register your ESA or service dog? If so, contact the National Service Animal Registry today!

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