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Las Vegas, NV: A Great Place to Visit with Your Service Dog

April 25, 2022

Las Vegas, the city of shining light and big casinos, isn’t just a fun place for people. It’s also a surprisingly dog-friendly city that welcomes service dogs, emotional support dogs, and even dogs whose only job is being cute. If you’re planning to visit or move to Las Vegas with your service dog, here are a few key places you need to know about.

Just visiting? Try this hotel.

The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa is a pet-friendly hotel just a few steps away from all the action of the Las Vegas strip. It’s accessible, with elevators, staff available to read literature for the visually impaired, and meeting rooms with assisted listening. It’s pet-friendly for your emotional support dog, and of course, service dogs are always welcome.

Moving permanently? This apartment loves dogs.

The Elysian Flamingo apartments aren’t just pet-friendly, they even have their own dog area specifically for your furry friends. While your service dog is welcome anywhere, it’s always nice to have amenities catering to owning a dog, so that you don’t have to make hunting for a green space part of your daily activities.

These apartments also don’t have weight limits, so even if you have a large ESA, they will still accept your pet. While size is not a problem, there may be breed restrictions, so call ahead about your pet.

Take your pet to Barkin’ Basin Park

This fun little park has everything your off duty service dog or emotional support dog needs for a tail wagging good time. It features separate enclosures for different sized dogs, shaded seating for owners, and water fountains for both dogs and people.

The park is always kept clean and there is plenty of room to throw a ball, so if you’re looking for a spacious place to let your pet run free or to stretch your service dog’s legs, this is a great place to do it. Located at 7351 W. Alexander Road, 89129.

Treat your dog to a baseball game

Your service dog works hard for you on many occasions, including helping you when you go to the baseball park to watch a game. On Wednesdays in Las Vegas, you can reward your service dog, emotional support dog, or favorite friend with his own personal day to enjoy the big game at Wag Your Tail Wednesdays.

Dogs are allowed to watch every Wednesday home game from May until September at the Las Vegas ballpark. If you feel like your service dog deserves a little off duty fun, or you can’t normally enjoy these games without the help of your emotional support dog, this is the event for you.

Join the Las Vegas Aviators with your very own dog as your copilot at 1650 S Pavilion Center Drive.

Places to eat with your pet

All restaurants are required to allow your service dog to join you for dinner, but if you have an emotional support dog, it’s not as easy to sit down with your dog for a bite. Luckily Las Vegas has a number of pet friendly venues you can bring your ESA to. Here are two of them.

Big Dog Brewery

As you might expect, Big Dog Brewery is a dog-friendly place to catch the latest sports game or just hang out with your friends for some ice cold beer. They have over 35 local brews on tap, as well as midwestern style foods such as cheese curds, steak and eggs, and pulled pork sandwiches. Your emotional support dog or other pet is welcome on the patio, your service dog is as always welcome anywhere. Visit at 4543 N. Rancho Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89130

Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar

This restaurant not only allows your emotional support dog or other pet on the patio, they even have their own menu for your dog! The doggie menu includes things like a hamburger patties or grilled chicken and brown rice. Whether you’re giving your service dog a little off duty treat or taking the opportunity to bring your ESA with you, this restaurant provides a great treat for you both.

Go hiking in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

While the Las Vegas strip gets most of the attention, it’s not the only part of the city. Just half an hour from the strip itself is some of the most beautiful terrain in Nevada. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area features dazzling red rocks and a fun canyon to explore. Dogs must be leashed in all buildings and at the overlook.

It’s a great place to take your dog whether you own a service dog or an ESA, and makes for great photos as well as a great hiking experience. Drive to 1000 Scenic Dr, Las Vegas, NV, US, 89124 in order to enjoy this hike with your pet.

Outdoor (Saturday) market

The middle of a desert probably doesn’t seem like a likely place for an Outdoor Market, but there are actually many of them in and around Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Farmer’s Market is particularly fun because they embrace a festival like setting, with music as well as food and of course local produce. Pets are welcomed, so don’t be afraid to bring along your ESA. There is no parking fee as long as you let the attendant know you are visiting the farmer’s market.

Bring your service dog, your ESA, or just your pet and get a bounty of fresh produce at this wonderful outdoor market located at 9100 Tule Springs Rd . Las Vegas NV 89131.

Las Vegas has many wonderful opportunities for your dog, whether you own a hard-working service dog or a pet whose only work is snuggling. If you’re planning a visit or a move to Las Vegas, you can rest assured there are plenty of places to take your furry friend.

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