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ESA Letter: Stop Paying Pet Fees

ESA Letter
April 9, 2024

What is an ESA letter?

An ESA letter, also known as an Emotional Support Animal prescription or recommendation letter, is a document issued by a licensed mental health professional that verifies the individual’s need for an emotional support animal. In the United States, obtaining an ESA letter is crucial for individuals seeking to benefit from the rights afforded to Emotional Support Animals under the Fair Housing Act.

Benefits and Legal Rights

An ESA letter grants individuals the legal right to live with their emotional support animal (also referred to as an assistance animal under the Fair Housing Act) in housing that otherwise would not allow pets. It serves as documentation of the individual’s disability and the therapeutic benefit provided by the ESA. Additionally, it helps individuals avoid discrimination and ensures they receive the accommodations they need for their mental or emotional well-being.

Obtaining an ESA Letter

The process of obtaining an ESA letter involves several steps to ensure legality and authenticity. However, the National Service Animal Registry (NSAR) is one reputable organization that assists individuals in obtaining legitimate ESA letters in a swift, easy, and inexpensive process. Below is a step-by-step guide on legally obtaining an ESA letter through NSAR:

  1. Place an Order: Place an order for the emotional support animal letter service, which includes an online health assessment, an official evaluation from a licensed mental health professional licensed in your state, an esa housing letter and esa airline letter (if qualified), and unlimited housing verification forms while your letter is active.
  2. Complete the online health assessment: Fill out the online health assessment either on the order confirmation page, or within your online, secure account.
  3. Clinician Evaluation: The clinician licensed in your state will quickly evaluate the need for an emotional support animal and whether you have an emotional/mental disability.
  4. Receive Your ESA Letter: Once your mental health professional approves your request, they will provide you with an ESA letter on official letterhead, stating your need for an emotional support animal and their recommendation for accommodating your ESA under the Fair Housing Act. These letters are immediately available upon approval within your online account for download and printing, while we print and ship your hard copies.
  5. Keep Your Letter Updated: ESA letters typically need to be renewed annually to remain valid. Make sure to keep your documentation current to maintain your rights under the Fair Housing Act. Renewals are swift and easy, and can be renewed through your online account one month before your current letter expires.

This entire process most often is completed in less than 24 hours provided the online health assessment is completed shortly after placing the order.

Qualifications of Professionals and Effective Communication with Landlords

It’s essential to ensure that the professional issuing your ESA letter is qualified and licensed to provide mental health services. Look for individuals who are licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, or therapists with experience in treating mental health disorders.

When communicating with landlords about your ESA rights under the Fair Housing Act, it’s crucial to be respectful and provide them with the necessary documentation, including your ESA letter. Clearly explain your disability and how your emotional support animal helps alleviate symptoms.

Many private licensed mental health professionals and/or doctors no longer write these letters due to various reasons. NSAR is highly recommended by Kaiser Permanente, the Veterans Affairs, and other privately owned offices because of these reasons. Ensure you get your letter from a reputable source that is willing to write your esa letter and support an verification from your landlord before going forward with their service.

Cost-Effective ESA Letter Solutions

Considering the initial price of $179.95 for an ESA letter may seem steep, but it’s a remarkably cost-effective investment. With an ESA letter in hand, you can save over $500 annually in pet fees. This makes obtaining the necessary documentation for your emotional support animal not only affordable but also financially advantageous in the long run, and even more savings with our renewal price of $99.

Responsibilities and Ethical Considerations

Owning an Emotional Support Animal comes with responsibilities. It’s important to ensure that your ESA is well-behaved and does not disturb others. Additionally, respect the rights of others and follow all applicable laws and regulations regarding the ownership and care of your ESA.


Emotional Support Animals and Service Animals serve vital roles in supporting individuals with disabilities. Understanding the differences between them, obtaining a legitimate ESA letter, and communicating effectively with landlords are crucial steps in ensuring individuals receive the accommodations they need under the law. With proper documentation and adherence to legal requirements, individuals can benefit from the companionship and support provided by their emotional support animals while navigating housing and public accommodation situations with confidence.

Brought to you by National Service Animal Registry. Learn more about us and how to qualify your pet as a service dog, emotional support animal (ESA), or therapy animal, TODAY!

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