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Is It Healthy to Feed My Dog A Meat-Free Diet?

January 2021 Dogs, Health, Food, Nutrition

Just like there are all sorts of special diets out there for humans, there are also a handful available for our furry friends and service dogs. One of the most popular and most talked about diets …

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CBD Oil for Dogs with Cancer: What are the Benefits?

August 2020 Dogs, Nutrition, Health

If your Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal has cancer, we understand what a difficult time you and your canine friend are going through.

Cancer treatments can be upsetting for both you and …

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Constipation in Your Service Dog: Causes Treatment Prevention

July 2020 Dogs, Health, Nutrition

It isn't fun to see your pet in pain and not know how to help them. Dog constipation can not only be painful for them but also a bit messy for you too. If you're worried that this may be happening …

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Coconut Oil for Dogs: What You Need to Know

July 2020 Dogs, Food, Health, Nutrition

Coconut oil has been the trending topic in nutrition and fitness circles. Knowing it's good for me made me wonder if it's also good for my service dog. While on the surface it may seem like a …

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Feeding Your Service Dog Less May Lead to a Longer Life

Most people love their pets, but for the disabled, a service dog isn't just a beloved friend. They are an essential part of their lives, and vital to their independence. Service dogs are employed …

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Vegetables Your Service Dog Can and Can't Eat?

When you have a best friend who is also a furry, four legged service dog with a happy grin and a wagging tail, it is only natural to want to share a plate. It's fun to share food—it's a major …

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Choosing the Right Food for Your Emotional Support Dog

The importance of a good diet really can't be stressed enough. The absolute best way to maintain excellent health for your furry friend is to provide an excellent diet of high quality food. But …

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Fruits Your Dog Should and Shouldn't Eat

Many of us enjoy sharing food with our dogs, even when they are a service dog. They are so easy to feed, always available …

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