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Best Online Veterinarians: Personal Consultations at Home

July 2021 Dogs, Cats, Health

Due to the global pandemic COVID-19, more and more people are choosing to do their everyday activities from home. Whether it's working from home, working out at home to hair appointments and even …

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What Plants Are Safe for Your Emotional Support Cat

If you're a plant lover, then you probably like to fill your home with beautiful plants, both inside and outside. Your inquisitive cat might also share your love of plants, but she probably shows …

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5 Reasons Cats Are Given Up for Adoption: Avoid These Problems

September 2020 Cats

Cats, like other pets, are great companions who can help provide emotional support when you are feeling down and help you get your emotional strength back. According to the American Pet Products …

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Why You Should Make your Pet an Emotional Support Animal

Do you suffer from emotional or psychological issues? Do you depend on your pet to provide comfort in stressful situations? Have you ever felt unable to cope in a public place because you didn't …

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How to Conquer Pet Odors in Your Home

June 2020 Cats, Grooming

Those of us who have an emotional support animal know firsthand that our furry friends are our family members. They bring endless joy. Unfortunately, sometimes they don't smell so good! As owners, …

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Airlines Now Allow Only Dogs and Cats Onboard as Your Emotional Support Animal: Here's Why

The last few years, you may have noticed a rise in social media stories featuring strange animals on planes—Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are full of images of passengers flying with their …

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Hypoallergenic Cats for People with Allergies

We all love kitty kitties! Ok, well, maybe not all of us. But for those of us who have a cat that (and for those of us who have one as an emotional support animal), it can be torture to have …

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Everything You Need to Know about Emotional Support Cats

If you'd like your emotional support animal to accompany you on planes or live with you in otherwise restrictive housing, ESA …

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Are Emotional Support Vests Necessary for Cats?

While most people have emotional support dogs, emotional support animals can actually be members of any species. Cats are the second most common type of ESA, and many people with emotional or …

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Can Cats Be Emotional Support Animals?

Dogs perform a number of jobs in society, including acting as service dogs for many individuals who are deaf, blind, autistic, physically disabled, or otherwise in need of assistance. Dogs are …

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