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Austin, TX: A Great Place to Visit with Your Service Dog

Texas is a huge state, and experiencing it is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. Austin is the capital of Texas and has a surprising amount to offer dog lovers who visit there. If you depend on a service dog to help keep you mobile, or you have an emotional support animal you enjoy keeping with you to support your needs, Austin has many locations you can take your dog.

Here are just a few of our favorite locations for you and your dog. [...]

If Emotional Support Animals Are Banned From Planes

Airlines are lobbying for stricter rules regarding emotional support animals on airplanes. In recent years, the number of people flying with an emotional support animal has ballooned and airlines feel frustrated by what they feel are people blatantly taking advantage of the system to fly their animal for free…and sometimes even endangering the passengers and crew with an untrained animal. But while there are undoubtedly fraudsters banking on a free ride for their pet, banning all emotional support animals will leave many travelers who genuinely need their emotional support animal vulnerable and unable to fly.

The proposed changes by the Transportation Department would allow only service animals in the main cabin of the airplane, while asking that emotional support animals be treated as pets. What exactly does that mean? [...]

Top 10 Cities to Visit with Your Service Dog

When you have a service dog, there's an extra element of planning that goes into a vacation. Between pet needs, recreation, dog-friendly hotels and restaurants, and good weather, you want to make sure that man's best friend is as comfortable on your trip as you are. While the U.S. has excellent places to visit, these 10 cities, in particular, are ideal to visit with your service dog. [...]

Proposed Emotional Support Animal Rules Divide Veteran Advocacy Groups

A current proposal by the US Department of Transportation (DoT) to change the law about flying with Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) and service dogs could stop ESAs being recognized as service animals on aircraft.

If the proposed changes in the law are recognized, it would mean only trained psychiatric support dogs would be classed as Emotional Support Animals - and all other ESAs would be treated as pets. Only dogs would be recognized as service animals. [...]