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Service Dog and Emotional Support Animal Blog

A Service Dog and Emotional Support Animal Blog

Understanding Emotional Support Animal Registration Guidelines

By applying for an emotional support animal registration, you're one step closer to better mental health. If you love your pet and your pet loves you, consider if they might be able to help you more than they already do. Right now, you might not have your pet by your side in public places when you need them the most. So, get the letter that you need that can help you bring them to the places that you need them. Here's a guide to better understanding the process of registering an emotional support animal, or an ESA. [...]

How to Make Your Dog an Emotional Support Animal

Animals provide a number of therapeutic benefits for people, from improving their moods to alleviating anxiety. You don't, however, necessarily need to purchase a specially trained emotional support animal (ESA); you can train your dog to be an ESA and receive all of the same benefits. Making your dog an emotional support animal may actually be easier than most people think it is. Keep reading to learn what you need to do to make your dog an ESA. [...]

Emotional Support Dog Vests: All You Need to Know

If you have ever seen an emotional support animal or service dog, they have likely been wearing a vest that states their status as a working animal. Service dog or emotional support animal vests are not required by law, but they can be beneficial to have. Read on to learn more about emotional support dog and service dog vests, how to measure your dog for one, and what to consider when purchasing one. [...]

ESA vs Service Dogs: What’s the Difference?

While both serve humans, emotional support animals -- commonly referred to as ESAs -- and service dogs are often confused. These two types of service animals are similar in that they can provide emotional support for those that need it, but there are many differences between them. Understanding these differences will allow you to properly select and certify an animal for your needs. Here are some of the key differences between these two types of service animal certifications. [...]

What Are the Requirements for ESA Registration?

Many people disabled by a mental health, emotional or psychological condition find it difficult to function in life activities without the presence of an animal of their choice. To them, the emotional support animal is essential to that person's ability to function normally in society on a daily basis.

Disabled people who depend on emotional support animals are afforded certain protections under U.S. law. This includes exemptions from rules in certain housing and travel situations.

Yet the owner may be required in these situations to provide proof that the animal's purpose is to provide therapeutic support and is not just a house pet. [...]

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