Major Benefits of Service Dog Registration

April 2019 Service Dogs

Service dogs provide life-saving benefits, companionship, safety, and security for many people with emotional and physical disabilities. While it's technically not required to register your …

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Emotional Support Animal Laws: All You Need to Know

Many people rely on animals for companionship and comfort. They tend to our emotional needs and ask little in return other than some attention, a walk in the park and a bowl of food. To people …

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Dognapping: Protect Your Service Dog or ESA

Every year, around 2 million dogs are stolen in the US, and according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), cases of dognapping (dogs thefts) are on the rise.

You might think that your …

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What Can a Service Dog Do for Anxiety: Everything You Need to Know

Millions of people suffer every day from anxiety. Generalized anxiety disorders, high-stress work environments, and different forms of social stressors can present a lot of problems in our daily …

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How Much Does a Service Dog Cost: A Buyer's Guide for Your Service Dog

March 2019 Dogs, Service Dogs

For many people with disabilities, service dogs are absolutely essential. These animals make everyday life more manageable and enjoyable. However, because of their high costs, getting a service …

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How to Register an Assistance Dog: An Informative Guide

It's incredible how much easier life can be with your dog by your side! We're lucky to be able to build such loving relationships with such amazing animals. Unfortunately, we can't bring them …

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What Dogs Make the Best Service Dogs: An In-Depth Analysis

Service dogs are becoming more common and accepted nowadays. It's clear that a service dog can offer physical, mental, and emotional support throughout your day. If you've been thinking about …

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Lyft's Service Dog Policy

October 2018 Service Dogs

There are many occasions when we need to travel by car with our Service Dogs. If we don't drive ourselves or are without a car temporarily, we may need to use a taxi service.

The taxi …

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Choose the Right Veterinarian for Your Dog

April 2018 Health

Choosing the right veterinarian to care for your service dog or emotional support animal can be challenging. It's important to make sure they get the very best care available and enjoy the best …

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Introducing a New Dog to the Resident Cat

So, you're bringing your sweet, new dog home to the den and you've already read up on how to welcome him into the pack with ease and grace in Part 1 of this series. But what if your unique pack …

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