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Portland, OR: A Great Place to Visit with Your Service Dog

Portland, Oregon is a pet friendly location that loves seeing your companion animal. Whether your dog is a pet, an emotional support dog, or a service dog, you'll find plenty of places you can go with your animal. Your service dog will love a little off duty time as part of your trip, and even if your dog is just a pet, he'll still find lots of reasons to keep that tail wagging at these great places. [...]

New York, NY: A Great Place to Visit with Your Service Dog

If there is any city in the world that people dream of visiting, it's New York. This iconic city is filled with amazing things to see, from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State building, as well as the home of dozens of TV shows, and the inspiration of novels.

If you've always wanted to see New York, or are planning to move there, you may be wondering if it's a safe place to bring a dog. New York has many places that are dog friendly, whether you want to get a bite with your emotional support animal, or see the sights with the help of your service dog. Here are a few great places you can bring your dog, whether he is a working one or not. [...]

Why You Shouldn't Fake Having a Service Dog

Everyone wants to have an animal companion. After all, there's a certain romance in the idea of being accompanied by a dog anywhere you go. And it seems that many people today are lured by the ease of just calling Fido a service dog and letting the dream of that constant companion come true. Once a service dog, they can take their beloved pet to the movie theatres, to restaurants and to malls.

Very appealing, right? [...]

Train an Emotional Support Dog to Calm Anxiety

Emotional support animals (ESAs) are known as dependable companions for individuals with emotional or mental disorders. In contrast to service dogs, emotional support dogs don't need special training and provide physical assistance to disabled people. However, it doesn't mean that emotional support dogs will be untrained or behave badly. There is no federal law that requires an emotional support dog to receive specific training before registration, a well-behaved and well-trained Emotional Support dog is simply recognized by others, particularly when you travel with it in an aircraft cabin or are looking for new accommodation. If you're planning to adopt or purchase a dog for emotional support, or if you intend to train your pet dog, you will follow the guidelines below before you start the training. [...]

Service Dogs vs. Emotional Support Animals: What You Need to Know

Although some are quick to assume that service dogs and emotional support animals (ESAs) provide the same kinds of help for their handlers, their responsibilities, training, and access to public spaces differ greatly. There is often much confusion regarding what service dogs versus ESA's do for their owners and the rights and laws that protect each animal type. Here are details of what these categories mean. [...]