Our team

Our Team

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff

Why do our customers love NSARCO and tell others about us? It's simple, really. It's not just our professional ID cards, documentation, and apparel; it's mostly because of our caring and knowledgeable team. We carefully select each staff for compassion, empathy, and a desire to help others.

We know that every job is important, but we want team members who are gratified, not just by earning a paycheck, but by making a difference in people's lives. Every National Service Animal Registry team member undergoes intensive training and preparation to understand the challenges of being disabled (several of us are) and the federal laws that protect disabled people of all kinds. We are warm and friendly, highly knowledgeable, and ready to accurately and completely answer any question you may ask. Our job is to make sure you are glad you called, emailed, or ordered from us!

Our entire staff group is emotionally invested in helping animals help people, and each one of us takes pride in providing the best, old fashioned customer service available. It's a very simple concept really: We treat customers the way WE want to be treated: With respect, courtesy, and patience. If we EVER fail to do that, please let us know! We guarantee your satisfaction!

We're here and ready to help make your life easier. Contact us and get to know our staff!

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