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Why Do Dog Feet Smell Like Fritos?

Have you ever cuddled up next to your service dog on the couch and caught the faint whiff of chips, only to realize, you’re not eating any? Well, believe it or not, what you are smelling is most likely your pup’s feet. That’s right, your service dog’s paws have the uncanny ability to smell like Fritos thanks to a combo of yeast and bacteria.

That Smell on Your Dog’s Feet is Bacteria

Although it might seem a bit, well, icky, it is not that surprising to find a host of different bacteria on your dog’s paws. When your service dog is busy walking around and doing his job, he is picking up all sorts of interesting things on the bottom of his feet. Plus, the fur that grows between the pads on your pup’s paws provides an excellent breeding ground for bacteria like Pseudomonas and Proteus.

These different bacteria grow and multiply on your pal’s feet and between his toes and basically, set up camp. The smell comes in when your service dog’s sweat combines with all the bacteria that are hanging out on his feet.

Time for a quick science lesson: When humans sweat, the perspiration meets with different bacteria that are present on the skin. This mixture of bacteria and sweat is what actually causes body odor, not the perspiration itself. Interesting, right?

However, unlike humans, who can sweat from pretty much anywhere, your service dog only sweats through his paws. When the sweat mixes with the bacteria on your dog’s feet, it produces the doggy version of BO. But why Fritos?

The answer to that question isn’t all that mind-blowing. The bacteria on your service dog’s feet simply happen to cause an odor that resembles corn chips, or you might even think it smells more like popcorn. It is a matter of personal preference. Are you hungry yet?

Should You Be Concerned?

Service dog paw smells like fritos

Most of the time, if your service dog has some stinky feet, it is not a major cause for concern. Whew! In fact, it’s fairly common. The bacteria that most often cause the trademark Frito smell are pretty normal, although their names might sound alarming, and they are frequently found on a dog’s feet.

However, in some cases, the corn chip scent can be caused by an underlying issue, mainly a yeast infection. This is especially likely if the odor is particularly strong and accompanied by other symptoms. If your service dog has a yeast infection, it most likely originated in his gut before spreading to other parts of his body, very often this includes the feet.

There are a lot of different things that can cause a yeast infection including allergies, stress, diet, antibiotics, various health issues, and changing environmental conditions. Here are some signs to keep an eye out for to see if your service dog might have a yeast (or another type) infection:

  • Your dog is constantly licking or chewing his paws, which indicates he’s suffering from a lot of itchiness and discomfort.
  • Your pup is scratching himself like crazy, and there are no obvious signs of fleas or other outside causes.
  • Your dog has scaly or discolored patches on his skin.
  • Your service dog seems to be very tired or fatigued. He might even seem a little out of it.
  • You notice a strong, foul odor on your dog’s paws (beyond the normal, faint Frito scent).
  • Your dog has additional infections.
  • You notice any kind of swelling or discharge on your pup’s paws.
  • Your dog is shaking his head frequently; another common area for a yeast infection to spread to is a dog’s ears.

If you believe that your service dog has an infection or injury of any kind, it is best to consult with your vet right away. The most effective way to treat the infection is to first learn what is exactly causing it. Your veterinarian can perform an exam and what is known as a scraping test to help diagnose the condition and offer proper treatment and any necessary medications.

How Do You Get Rid of The Frito Smell?

How to get rid of the frito smell on your service dogs feet

While most of the time your canine companion’s personal cologne is no big deal, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If the fact that your service dog smells like a bag of chips makes you frown or just makes you want to snack too much, there are a few things you can do to reduce the odor:

  • Regularly wash your service dog’s feet in a mild shampoo, rinse thoroughly, and make sure the paws are completely dry.
  • You can also use pet wipes or even baby wipes to clean your pup’s feet in between baths.
  • Keep the hair on the paws shaved and trimmed, especially the hair between the pads; this will remove the prime breeding ground that bacteria love so much.
  • There are a variety of foot soaks on the market specifically designed to help with odors, so this could be another option if your service dog has a strong case of Frito Feet. Beware different recipes for making your own foot soak, though. Many of them call for mixing vinegar with hydrogen peroxide, which can create a harmful effect if not done properly.

If your service dog continues to make you crave Doritos, Fritos, or any other snack food, you can always seek out the help of an expert. Find a professional groomer that can lend you a paw, or if all else fails, grab a clothespin for your nose. Overall, your service dog is more than likely perfectly fine. In fact, he’s all that and a bag of chips.

If you have questions about your service dog, or perhaps are in the process of registering your dog as a therapy, emotional support, or service animal, then contact us today. Our specialists are highly trained and knowledgeable and here to help you and your service dog every step of the way.

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Best Online Veterinarians: Personal Consultations at Home

Due to the global pandemic COVID-19, more and more people are choosing to do their everyday activities from home. Whether it’s working from home, working out at home to hair appointments and even veterinarian and doctor visits all from the comfort of our living rooms.

We are seeing a lot of things that people used to go out and do can actually be done while practicing social distancing at home. If you need to take your emotional support dog or your service dog or any other pets that you have to the vet but are worried about going into public places or maybe your dog gets stressed at the vet or you just can’t make your regular appointment, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of veterinarians that are offering online consultations from the comfort of your home. Online vet visits are also convenient when you have a question or are not sure whether you need to take your emotional support dog into the vet’s office or not. Online veterinarians are an awesome resource that pet lovers everywhere are embracing for their service dogs and emotional support dogs, their cats, birds, iguanas, hamsters and so on!

We’ve compiled a list of the best online vets to make sure your emotional support dog or service dog can get the very best care without leaving their treasured homes.

  1. This website provides reasonably-priced veterinarian services 24/7- one of the few online veterinarians that offer 24/7 access. All vets on this site are licensed and have plenty of experience. Depending on what time you call the vet and the urgency of your request, VetLive consultations range from $16.95 to $59.95.

How to Visit: If you need to make an online appointment for your emotional support dog, the process is fairly simple at Just create an account and then you can ask a question. Within minutes, you’ll be connected to a veterinarian and you’ll be able to have a live chat with them about your concerns and questions. Bonus: If the veterinarian at VetLive can’t answer your questions, your chat with them is free!

  1. If you’re a pet owner you’re probably familiar with While Chewy is not a vet, they do offer a pharmacy that we are big fans of. Chewy offers more than 1,000 brands of pet products and also has experts available 24/7 to help you make the best selection for your emotional support dog or service dog. The reason we love the pet pharmacy so much is because of its convenience. Simply enter your pet’s information and vet information and then you’ll receive your pet’s prescription in as fast as a day or two..straight to your door! How convenient is that?
  2. PetCoach: This website is actually powered by Petco. It’s a great resource for pet owners looking for non-urgent, free advice for their emotional support dogs or service dogs. The website features more than 400,000 articles and answers to questions asked by pet owners over the years. What’s more, the website allows you to easily search these questions and answers for your specific needs. If, for any reason, your question isn’t among the hundreds of thousands already on the site, there is an “Ask a Vet” button that will allow you to submit your own question. You’ll receive an answer from a licensed veterinarian within a day or two. If you need an immediate answer, there’s the option to pay $8 and get help immediately. There’s another option for $30 that offers a more in-depth consultation with a licensed veterinarian. This consultation is done over text messaging. There’s also a monthly subscription option for $9/month for access to all PetCoach services. The monthly membership also gives you discounts. For example, you can wash your emotional support dog at the self-wash station for $2. For non-members, the self-wash stations typically cost $14 per wash.
  3. Ask.Vet: This website connects with licensed vets for live chats on your computer or mobile device. These vets are also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The vets at Ask.Vet are all licensed and have an average practice experience of 12 years. These veterinarians provide guidance, advice and education but they can’t diagnose, treat or prescribe medications. That’s important to note. So, if you’re in an emergency situation or you can tell your emotional support dog will need a consult or medicine, this website isn’t the best option for that. Ask.Vet is a good resource when you have questions and you’d rather have an immediate answer instead of waiting a day or two like some of the other websites. If you do choose to use Ask.Vet and the veterinarian thinks your service dog or other pet needs to be seen immediately, they will provide you with the three emergency animal hospitals that are closest to you. They can also give you referrals to local veterinarians that you can take your emotional support dog in to see. You are charged by session at Ask.Vet. Each session is $19.95 and will last between 15-20 minutes.
Veterinarian Services for your service dog
  1. This website allows you to get immediate assistance for your service dog or emotional support dog via video chat. These vets are available 24/7 to help diagnose your emotional support dog’s health concerns. You have the option to have a video consultation or a video chat if you just have questions that need to be answered.

How to Visit: Using your computer or mobile device, there’s a button on the website that says “Connect Now.” Then you will be prompted to enter your information. Next, you’ll be directed to PayPal to purchase your session. After you’ve entered your payment information, push the “Call” button and you be connected directly with a licensed veterinarian via your mobile device or computer camera. Then your video consult begins. Because of the video capabilities, the vet is able to see your pet on-screen and observe them. This helps them to be able to provide the most accurate plan of action for your emotional support dog.

  1. Banfield Pet Hospital Vet Chat: If you’re a pet owner, you are probably familiar with Banfield Pet Hospital, at the very least you’ve probably passed at Banfield Pet Hospital Clinic in your city. The VetChat offers one-on-one chat with a veterinarian anytime via the Banfield app. These vets are available 24/7 for advice and support. You do have to be a Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan member in order get access to the service. But, for the more than 2 million members across the U.S., Vet Chat is a quick and easy way to get a consult with a vet virtually for any concerns you may have about your emotional support dog.
  2. YourFuzzy.Com: YourFuzzy is another website that allows you to skip the trip to the vet and get your answers from the comfort of your home. YourFuzzy offers video calls for veterinary consultations for your service dog or emotional support dog. The website also provides home-delivery for medications that the vet prescribes, supplements and nutrition. YourFuzzy offers a subscription health program for pets for a fee of $45 per month. The monthly subscription includes two in-home wellness visits per year, annual feces test, annual heart work test, microchipping and registration, health records and reminders and course, the digital access to the veterinary team.

Veterinarians are turning to telemedicine to help meet the needs of their animal patients from anywhere, anytime. Some of the reasons vets use Telehealth, besides COVID-19 are:

Telemedicine for your service dog and ESA
  • Follow-up appointments after surgery
  • Behavioral issues or training
  • Patient has transportation issues
  • Hospice care
  • Determining whether a service dog or emotional support dog needs to actually go see a veterinarian and how urgently they should get there
  • Long-term care monitoring

Whether you’re looking to permanently switch to an online veterinarian or just temporarily due to the coronavirus, or maybe your regular vet isn’t open and you need access on a holiday or at any hour of the night, we hope this list will act as a useful resource guide for you to choose the best online vet for your service dog or emotional support dog.

Online vets can help you with prescriptions, a regular check-up, an emergency visit or question or simple questions about your emotional support dog’s behavior. It seems the future really is here as telemedicine continues to evolve. We all know how much anxiety a trip to the vet can cause for our beloved service dogs or emotional support dogs. Virtual visits to the vet can help ease the anxiety for both pet and pet owner. If you are using an emotional support dog or service dog it may be because your mobility is limited or perhaps you have social anxiety. A virtual visit to the vet is a perfect solution for you if that’s the case because you can enjoy quality healthcare from the comfort of your home and at the very least get your questions answered and provide you with peace of mind.