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Our agency and entire staff group is emotionally invested in helping animals help people, and each one of us takes pride in providing the best, old fashioned customer service available. We’re here to help you with all of your service dog, emotional support animal, and therapy animal needs.


What we do

We provide

Products and services to approximately 50,000 disabled persons a year in more than 30 countries, including the USA, helping enhance the quality of their lives daily. Supplies, information, and service for emotional support animals emotional support animals (ESA), service dogs, and therapy dogs.

We Assess

We assess and certify Therapy Animal teams that bring comfort and joy to thousands of young people, the sick, and the elderly in schools, nursing homes, and hospitals across America.

We Certify

Trained and experienced service dog-specific dog trainers.

Who we are

Our Story

About Us: Since 1995, we have actively trained, facilitated, and worked with service dogs, emotional support animals, therapy animals, and drug detection animals.

We first operated in southeast Tennessee, working closely with various county justice and sheriff’s departments training and coordinating the use of drug detection animals. It didn’t take long to become aware of the profound need for service dogs and emotional support animals to help people with physical and emotional impairments.

As important as training these service dogs was, we came to understand that the public doesn’t know much about the protections of federal laws.

Being disabled and having an animal that helped with the daily functions of a person didn’t mean the service dog would be allowed to accompany him/her when needed without confrontation or long explanation. And because emotional support animals needed no task-specific training, trying to convince property managers and airline companies that you are a disabled person who needs your emotional support animal with you can be next to impossible. NSARCO will assist you in completing this difficult task.

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Cody in customer service was so helpful with making sure my ESA letter was signed before moving into my new place and seemed more than happy to help me with any questions I had. I would definitely recommend shopping here for ESA essentials

— Anne Palmer

"They provided specific examples"

"They provided specific examples"

Timely, professional and value added. We received all we needed for safe travel in a week. This company knows they are in the service business.

— Edward H Hurt

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