National Service Animal Registry


National Service Animal Registry

United Airlines Emotional Support Animal Forms and Requirements

Emotional support animals and psychiatric service animals that provide emotional, psychiatric, and/or cognitive support for travelers with disabilities are welcome to fly with United Airlines. However, you'll need to complete their required documentation and provide it in advance to your travels.

United Airlines Emotional Support Animal Forms

In addition to providing United Airlines your emotional support animal letter, they also request the following three (3) documents to be completed and submitted at least 48 hours in advance to your flight.

  1. Medical/Mental Health Professional Form
  2. Veterinary Health Form, or vaccination record with current rabies vaccination information
  3. Confirmation of Animal Behavior Form (Handler Form)

Download United Airlines ESA Forms Here

If you're not currently working with a licensed mental health professional to complete the Medical/Mental Health Professional Form and/or obtain a prescription ESA letter, we recommend using Chilhowee Psychological Services (CPS). CPS is the original and most trusted and referred online provider of prescription emotional support animal letters.

United Airlines ESA Requirements

United Airlines Emotional Support Dogs and/or Animals may fly in the cabin at no charge if they you submit the required documentation and follow their helpful travel reminders:

  1. The animal is seated in the floor space below your seat.
  2. The animal doesn't extend into the aisle.
  3. The animal follows basic commands from the handler

United Airlines ESA restrictions

  1. One (1) emotional support animal per person.
  2. Animal may be either a cat or dog; 4 months or older.
  3. Animal may not weigh more than 65 lbs.
  4. Flight must be less than eight hours.

Customers may elect to use an approved in-cabin kennel for smaller animals; however, if you don't want to them in a kennel an ESA must be leashed at all times in the airport and in flight. Check out our different colored, TSA friendly ESA dog vests and emotional support animal leashes below to ensure you're following their protocols and policies.