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Yes, You Can Take Your Pet With You!

It’s no secret that many businesses aren’t pet-friendly, even though most of the population is. Most of our clients easily and legally certify their pets (dogs, cats, and other animals) as Service Dogs or Emotional Support Animals. Service dogs are allowed by federal law to accompany a disabled handler into stores, restaurants, motels, trains, buses, and on airline flights (for no extra cost). Service dogs also qualify for condos, apartments, and rental homes where pets aren’t allowed. And the landlord is unable to charge any kind of fee. Click to learn more about qualifying for a Service Dog

NSAR specializes in certification for dogs, cats, and other animals as Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) for people with emotional or psychological challenges. Although ESAs have fewer protections under federal law, they must be legally allowed to fly in the cabin of an aircraft with their disabled handler. Emotional Support Animals also qualify for housing where pets are not allowed. If you register your pet as an Emotional Support Animal, airline companies, landlords, and property managers can’t legally charge any kind of fee. Click to learn more about qualifying for an Emotional Support Animal

Our Service Dog and Emotional Support Animal certification, ID cards, documents, and service vests formalize and simplify these processes to make it easier for your animal to be with you when you need him or her to be – and hassle-free. If you are physically or emotionally disabled and have registered your service dog or emotional support animal with National Service Animal Registry, you are protected by federal law (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1996).

Not All Disabilities Are Visible

Most people think of a service dog as a large breed dog for the blind or for working with a person confined to a wheelchair. The reality is that most service dogs are small dogs that perform tasks for otherwise normal people with disorders related to hearing, seizure, diabetic, or for other medical issues – disabilities that are completely invisible.

Many people aren’t aware that they qualify for a certified service dog or other animal because they don’t realize the problems they have are considered a disability. Examples of qualified conditions or impairments: AIDS, and its symptoms; Alcoholism; Asthma; Blindness or other visual impairments; Cancer; Cerebral palsy; Depression; Diabetes, Epilepsy; Hearing or speech impairments; Heart Disease; Migraine Headaches; Multiple sclerosis; Muscular dystrophy; Orthopedic impairments; Paralysis; complications from Pregnancy; Thyroid gland disorders; Tuberculosis; loss of body parts.

What Does the Law Say?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects people with all kinds of disabilities (obvious disabilities, as well as the invisible kind) by requiring all businesses that serve the public to allow people with disabilities to bring their service dogs with them. That means restaurants, hotels, retail stores, taxicabs, theaters, concert halls, sports facilities, and airlines – just about any place you can imagine. If the public has access to it, then so do you and your service dog.

By law, these businesses can’t charge you extra or separate you from other customers because of your certified service dog. And by federal law, businesses aren’t allowed to ask you to prove your dog is a service dog, although that doesn’t guarantee they won’t ask. By certifying your dog with NSAR, you’ll have all the documentation you need should someone confront you. If your dog has a Service Dog patch and photo ID card displayed, 99.9% of businesses won’t even bother to ask about your dog. We can help you qualify!

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