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Spirit Airlines Emotional Support Animal Forms and Requirements

You may be wondering everything that's involved with taking your ESA when flying with Spirit Airlines. Good news! Spirit Airlines emotional support dog animal policy and requirements are minimal and welcome all passengers who wish to travel with their furry friend provided their forms and requirements are followed.

Spirit Airlines Emotional Support Animal Forms

In order to travel with your emotional support dog and/or animal, please download the forms below and submit them to Spirit Airlines emotional support dog and animal portal on their website along with your emotional support animal letter 48 hours in advance to your travels.

  1. Medical/Mental Health Professional Form
  2. Veterinary Health Form, or vaccination record with current rabies vaccination information
  3. Confirmation of Animal Behavior Form (Handler Form)

Download Spirit Airlines ESA Forms Here

If you're not currently working with a licensed mental health professional to complete the Medical/Mental Health Professional Form and/or obtain a prescription ESA letter, we recommend using Chilhowee Psychological Services (CPS). CPS is the original and most trusted and referred online provider of prescription emotional support animal letters.

Spirit Airlines ESA Requirements

Spirit Airlines ESAs don't need any specific training; however, they should still be able to follow basic behavioral commands and be able to meet these standards:

  1. The animal must always remain with you, no unattended ESAs.
  2. The animal may not jump on other guests or hamper another passenger's personal space.
  3. The animal may not relieve itself on-board the aircraft or in the airport besides in designated areas.
  4. The ESA may not emit strong odors. No stinky pets, please.
  5. The animal may only sit on the floor by the feet of its handler or in the handler's lap.

Spirit Airlines and federal law doesn't require an individual to identify your emotional support animal; however, it's our experience from client testimony that there are many benefits to identifying your animal while at the airport. Check out our ESA Registration Kits or our ESA dog vests and emotional support dog and/or animal leashes that help keep your animal close by in the busy airports.