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It’s easy to track your order online. Just enter your order number and your email address (your order number was in the confirmation emails we sent you).

This number was in the email confirmation we sent you.

This is the email you used when placing your order.

For all USA-destinations, any order over $99 is shipped for FREE. That’s right. $0. No charge. Nuthin’. Nada. It’s definitely a good deal!

For international destinations, we keep the cost as low as possible because we don’t feel like we need to make a profit on shipping, like some companies do (that always bothers us). The cost of international shipping varies, depending on the destination.

Yes, we do! We ship to many international destinations every single day, Monday – Friday. When you place your order with National Service Animal Registry and specify the international destination, our system will also calculate the shipping cost for you automatically.

Unless a customer wants us to use a different carrier, we use the U.S. Postal Service. Your local mail man (or woman) will deliver your package. Alternate carriers will cost a few bucks.

Yes, we do! USPS Express Mail is an available shipping option when you check out (the shipping cost will be reflected in your cart once you’ve entered your zip code). When a package is shipped using USPS Express Mail, the United States Postal Service guarantees delivery in 1 – 2 business days (they don’t count Sundays as a business day).

When you order from National Service Animal Registry, your stuff gets shipped quick! And we mean a day or so after you order. Sometimes the same day. The only exception is when we’re waiting for you to send us an image of your animal for ID cards, pet tags, and certificates.

We ship most packages using USPS Priority Mail, and for USA-destinations, most packages land on your doorstep in 2 – 3 days. Nearly always. We say “nearly always” because we know from experience that no matter how careful WE are, if a package is being shipped to the West Coast, the U.S. Postal Service sometimes sends it to the other side of the country first. That always adds a few unnecessary days to the trip. What’s up with that?

Unfortunately, we can only ship using our account. We have tried offering this option and found that it created too much liability when a customer uses an account number that they thought they had permission to use, but did not.

Occasionally customers need their package while they are staying at a hotel, and we’re glad to assist. Sometimes the hotel has a written policy about how to arrange package delivery to their guests. If not, we have a few tips to help ensure that the package makes it to our customers successfully.

First, add “Guest” immediately before your first name of the shipping address on the order screen so that the hotel knows it’s for a guest and not an employee of the hotel. For example, if your first name is John, enter “Guest John” as your First Name. Please do NOT add this to your name in the billing address. Adding “Guest” to your first name in your shipping information will make “Guest” appear on the address label (Guest John Doe), and give hotel staff some information to help the package get to you.

Embassy Suites
Guest John Smith
1234 W. Main Street
Anytown, CO 80000

Second, in the “notes” section during checkout, tell us the dates you will be a hotel guest, and include the room number if you have it (staying here from July 4- July 10, Room 201d).

Please give us a call if you need assistance. We’re always happy to help. We know that travelling out of town can be stressful, especially when you’re missing important stuff. We appreciate the opportunity to help!

We gladly ship to APO/FPO/DPO government post offices.

The thing about the U.S. Postal Service is that after they accept and scan a package, the event is then listed on their website, but sometimes they will show absolutely nothing more until the package is delivered. We wish they showed all the places it’s been while on the way, but their tracking system just isn’t that elegant.

And of course, there are those rare occasions when the U.S. Postal Service actually loses a package (temporarily or permanently). We hate it when that happens (cuz it’s happened to us, too), but once it’s in the hands of the postal service, we have NO control over things.

Last year, a customer emailed us after the U.S. Postal Service misplaced the package they were waiting for:

“I just found out the post office has lost my package, so your shipping sucks. That means YOU suck. I’m going to bash you online, even though I’m a repeat customer and you otherwise have the best customer service and products out there. I’m not gonna stop bashing you, either, not until your customer service girls cry. More than once. Is it possible to get some more ESA info cards? They came in really handy last year until I ran out. Never mind. Because your shipping sucks.”

Trust us, nobody wants you to get your order quickly more than us! We’ll make sure your package is addressed JUST like you entered the information when you ordered, and if the mail person puts it in your neighbor’s mailbox, we hope you won’t blame us!

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