Service Dog ID Kit Recommendation Page

Exciting news! Considering your goals and responses, we’re thrilled to recommend exploring service dog registration and identification! Here’s the scoop: Service dogs are absolute rockstars, and they’re not obligated to wear specific identification gear. As long as these incredible pups are trained and performing tasks for their handlers, they’re full-fledged service dogs – no fancy attire required!

But hey, having a bit of identification can be a game-changer for a couple of awesome reasons

Get ready for an exciting journey with your extraordinary service dog and their newfound superstar status!
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I’m here to offer support! While our clinician can’t provide letters for physical disabilities, I encourage you to reach out to your general physician or doctor. They can guide you on obtaining a service dog letter for housing, ensuring your service dog housing rights are protected. Remember, knowledge is power, so take a moment to explore more about your rights in this journey!

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