Service/Emotional Support Animal Registration Kit

Our Service Dog and Emotional Support Animal Registration kits provide you with everything you'll need to legitimize your animal and prevent nearly all the confrontations you'll otherwise encounter. Use our simple online qualifying process and then simply checkout and confirm your order. We'll explain how to upload, email or mail a photo of your animal for our professional quality ID cards and Registration certificate. Within approximately 2 - 4 business days, we'll ship your NSAR Registration Kit and include you and your animal in the National Service Animal Registry database. Registration never needs renewal. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Click to get started! You get everything below for $64.95 each (+ $7.95 shipping)

Here's What You Get:

  • 2 Service/ESA Patches
  • 2 Professional Quality Photo ID Cards
  • 2 Clips for Photo ID Cards
  • NSAR Service/ESA Animal Certificate
  • Inclusion in the NSAR Database
  • Registration Never Needs Renewal
  • Optional Service Vest With Patches
  • Optional Printed Copies By Email
Service Animal Registration Kit ESA Registration Kit

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