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Frontier Airlines Emotional Support Animal Forms and Requirements

Frontier Airlines passengers are more than welcome to be accompanied by emotional support dogs. Emotional support animals provide support for an individual with a mental, emotional, and/or psychiatric disability. To ensure a smooth check in process and comfortable flight, you'll want to complete Frontier Airlines emotional support animal required forms and follow their most updated requirements.

Frontier Airlines Emotional Support Animal Forms

A passenger seeking to fly with an ESA on Frontier Airlines must complete and submit the following two (2) forms at least 48 hours in advance to their flight in addition to the passenger's emotional support animal letter. Please keep these documents accessible throughout your travels, as you may be asked to display them along your trip.

  1. Medical/Mental Health Professional Form
  2. Confirmation of Animal Behavior Form (Handler Form)

Download Frontier Airlines ESA Forms Here

If you're not currently working with a licensed mental health professional to complete the Medical/Mental Health Professional Form and/or obtain a prescription ESA letter, we recommend using Chilhowee Psychological Services (CPS). CPS is the original and most trusted and referred online provider of prescription emotional support animal letters.

Frontier Airlines ESA Requirements

Frontier Airlines ESA requirements may change from time to time; however, we're proud to present you with their current, necessary conditions to provide a safe and comfortable flight for everyone on board:

  1. The ESA must be either a cat or dog. Unfortunately, all other species have been ruled out to fly as an ESA.
  2. Only one ESA per handler.
  3. The ESA must be in a carrier that fits below the seat in front of the passenger OR on an leash (checkout our ESA leashes below) at all times while at the airport and on board the aircraft.
  4. The ESA may not extend into the aisle
  5. The ESA may not occupy an empty aircraft seat or encroach upon a neighboring seat
  6. The ESA may not eat off and/or occupy the tray tables.

Passengers are not required to transport their animal in a pet carrier; however they should be controlled at all times with the appropriate tools - vest and/or leash. Our NSAR vests are TSA-friendly and are great for identify your ESA throughout the airport. Our NSAR ESA leashes are also a great option to travel with your assistance animal, if you choose to opt out of using a pet carrier.