Flying Is a Breeze with Your Emotional Support Animal

Flying with animal

Airlines and Emotional Support Animals

It's a breeze for you to fly the friendly skies with your Emotional Support Animal (ESA)! You'll just need a few things to enjoy smooth sailing, based on the Air Carrier Access Act and recommendations of USA-based airline companies.

The Air Carrier Access Act is a federal law that requires airline companies to allow emotionally impaired persons to be accompanied in the cabin of the aircraft with an emotional support animal and not be charged a fee.

We have a few important links on this page that will point you to everything you might possibly need to know to make flying with your emotional support animal easy and stress-free, no matter your destination! Don't miss them!

Here's What You Need to Know

Important Information

  • Click here for what to expect at the airport and how to get through it without a hassle.
  • Click here for a comprehensive list of individual airline company requirements for emotional support animals, their websites, and telephone numbers.
  • Click here to read about the federal laws that apply to flying with your emotional support animal - the Air Carrier Access Act of 1986.
  • Click here to learn about travel to Hawaii with an emotional support animal.

*Based on statements from clients.

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