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The Basics

Want to see the most common questions / FAQ answered? Look no further!

Service Dogs 101

This is where you can read detailed information about Service Dogs and your protections.

ESAs 101

Click to see how to qualify your pet as an Emotional Support Animal and know your rights.

Flying with Your Animal

See your legal rights and traveling info here.

No-Pet Housing

We tell you how to exercise your rights and qualify for No-Pet housing here.

Why Choose NSAR?

How National Service Animal Registry is different than those other guys.


Here, we define service dogs, emotional support animals (ESA), comfort animals, therapy animals, and more.

How to Register and Send Photos

All about registering your animal, submitting your photo, and other important stuff.

Service Dog or ESA?

Should I register my dog as a service dog or an emotional support animal?

Shipping Questions

All kinds of answers related to the shipping and delivery of packages.


All the info you need to return an item is found here.

ID Cards, Vests, Leashes

Find out how these things will make your life SO much easier.

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