ESA Recommendation

Thrilled by your goals and responses, we wholeheartedly recommend registering your dog as an emotional support animal for housing! This is an exciting step towards enhancing your living situation and fostering a supportive environment.

To support your housing rights, we recommend obtaining an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letter.


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However, it’s important to note that challenges may arise when it comes to flying and public access. While emotional support animals are generally allowed to accompany you on flights, you may encounter pet fees in accordance with airline policies. In public spaces, access may be granted, but it’s crucial to understand that this is subject to management discretion.

Guess what’s in store for you? If your dog is still in the process of training for a specific task to assist with your disability, you’re on the right track! Once your furry friend completes the training, you can proudly identify it as a service dog. Imagine the exciting adventures ahead—flying with your service dog and confidently navigating public spaces. The journey is just beginning, and the possibilities are boundless!

Once your pup has completed training, we highly recommend officially designating it as a service dog. This step will empower you to fully leverage the rights and privileges that come with having a service dog.


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