Emotional Support Animal ID Cards with Registration

Each order comes with two (2) ID cards that clip to your dog's collar, leash, or harness to help visibly indicate and verify your dog as a service dog. By selecting this product, your service dog will not only be officially registered, but the ID card will also display an official NSAR registration number, bar code, and insignia making your service dog official. And registration is for the life of you and your service dog - it NEVER has to be renewed!

By purchasing this product, you affirm that the animal for which this product is purchased is currently a service or emotional support animal, as defined by the ADA. It is illegal to misrepresent your pet as a Service or emotional support animal.

This product requires an image to process. In the event we have not received an image for an order after five (5) days (or heard from you asking us to wait for an image), the order will be processed and shipped with the official NSAR logo in place of the image

Made in the USA! Made in the USA!

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  • Each order comes with two ID cards 30 mil thick
  • Includes photo & handler name
  • NSAR Lifetime Registration
  • ID card clip with vinyl strap
  • Service dog answers on back
  • Dept. of Justice info on back
  • ID Card is cooler than a vest