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Delta Airlines Emotional Support Animal Forms and Requirements

Emotional support animal(s) and/or psychiatric service dogs (animals) flying with Delta Airlines travel for free with their associated items - kennel, blanket, food or similar items. That's right, folks! Delta Airline ESAs and service dogs can travel hassle-free in the cabin of an aircraft at no additional cost to the handler. What's the catch? No catch, just a few forms to complete and policies to follow. Keep reading for everything you need to know for your Delta Airlines flight.

Delta Airlines Emotional Support Animal Forms

To ensure everyone's safety on the flight, Delta requests that you submit their required documentation to their online portal at least 48 hours prior to your flight with an emotional support animal letter written by a licensed mental health professional.

  1. Medical/Mental Health Professional Form
  2. Veterinary Health Form, or vaccination record with current rabies vaccination information
  3. Confirmation of Animal Behavior Form (Handler Form)

Download Delta Airlines ESA Forms Here

If you're not currently working with a licensed mental health professional to complete the Medical/Mental Health Professional Form and/or obtain a prescription ESA letter, we recommend using Chilhowee Psychological Services (CPS). CPS is the original and most trusted and referred online provider of prescription emotional support animal letters.

Delta Airlines ESA Requirements and Travel Tips

It's easy flying with Delta Airlines Emotional Support Dogs and/or Animals once you've submitted their required forms. For you and your animal's safety, Delta asks that you keep these helpful traveling tips and requirements in mind as you board the aircraft:

  1. The animal is seated in the floor space below your seat or on the passenger's lap.
  2. The animal may not occupy seats that are designated for passengers.
  3. The animal may not eat off table trays.
  4. The animal may relieve themselves at the gate area or in the cabin.
  5. The animal should not jump on passengers and/or staff.

Of course, pre-boarding is available for those to accommodate their passengers during the boarding process. To help identify your emotional support dog and/or animal during your flight, check out our TSA friendly ESA dog vests in three available, fashionable colors, as well as ESA leashes to help keep them close by.