Airline Requirements for Emotional Support Animals

Every USA-based commercial airline company is required to follow a set of federal laws (Air Carrier Access Act of 1986) governing emotional support animals (ESA's). That means that if you have a properly written prescription letter for an ESA, the airline must allow your ESA to travel in the cabin of the aircraft with you, and they can't charge you a fee.

Airline companies do have flexibility in terms of how they carry things out, however, and some have restrictions on which species may travel with you, and have other guidelines. These companies are simply businesses and they need to make sure their operations run as smoothly as possible.

That's why each airline has its own set of processes and guidelines that customers with emotional support animals should be aware of. Let's face it, flying is stressful enough as it is, and no one wants an unpleasant surprise when they check in at the airport! We recommend contacting the airline and asking them about flying with your ESA.

We've carefully examined the major airline companies' websites, reviewed every single policy that relates to flying with emotional support animals, and have them listed below for your convenience. We recommend that you use the information we've compiled to make flying with your ESA stress and worry free!

Click the airline name for more information.

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