Therapy Animal Information Cards

NSAR Therapy Animal information cards are a simple and effective tool for Therapy Animal owners, and will quickly identify you and your animal when helping others as a team. The cards are intended to be distributed to others who may question you about your therapy animal.

One side of the card says, "I'm a Therapy Animal" indicating that your animal is an NSAR Certified Therapy Animal. On the reverse side, it details the important criteria necessary to qualify as a therapy animal team. The card explains that you and your therapy animal have passed The NSAR assessment and screening to qualify as an NSAR Certified Therapy Animal Team.

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Choose from 25, 50, or 100 info cards.

When you are approached and questioned when visiting schools, nursing homes, and hospitals (and you inevitably will), simply hand them an NSAR Therapy Animal card. The information cards essentially explain to others that you and your therapy animal are trained and visiting in an official capacity.

NSAR backs every purchase with a 30-day No-Risk money back guarantee!

  • Choose from 25, 50, or 100 "I'm a Therapy Animal" cards
  • Heavy card stock
  • Specific to therapy animals
  • Includes the criteria required of a therapy animal and handler
  • Includes National Service Animal Registry's toll-free number
  • Hand a card to staff or security at the hospitals and nursing homes you visit when approached and/or questioned.
  • NSAR backs every purchase with a 30-day No-Risk money back guarantee!
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    I take my Therapy Animal "Rogue" to different hospitals to hopefully bring a little smile to terminally ill patients. I always carry these cards with me and usually hand them to hospital volunteers and other patients who are curious or have questions about Rogue!

    Shannon B. · Dallas, TX · 09/15/2016