Therapy Animal 4-Foot Red Leash

The point of any of our specific therapy animal accessories is to help make your therapy animal team quickly and easily identified as official and approved. That's precisely what this 4-foot red Therapy Animal leash does - and from over 20-feet away!

Because these leashes are USA-made, NSAR provides a 30-day No-Risk money back guarantee - PLUS all of our leashes are backed by a lifetime guarantee against defects. Order with confidence!

  • Small Clip for small to medium sized dogs
  • Large Clip for medium to large sized dogs

Made in the USA! Made in the USA!

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Using the NSAR 4-foot red Therapy Animal leash when visiting schools, hospitals, or nursing homes helps prevent confusion and confrontation when working to bring comfort and smiles to others.

The 4-foot lead makes it easier to keep your therapy animal close to you when working.

NSAR backs every purchase with a 30-day No-Risk money back guarantee!