Hearing Alert Rocker Patch

This task-specific rocker patch identifies how your service dog assists you and will minimize confrontations when in public settings.

Most customers recommend placing a Hearing Alert rocker patch on each side of any garment your service dog wears.

Patches are sold individually, not in pairs. This is not an iron-on patch. Although we recommend sewing patches onto a vest, shirt, sweater or jacket, an appropriate adhesive may be also be used.

Made in the USA! Made in the USA!

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Our Hearing Alert Rocker Patch is a 3.5" wide crescent-shaped embroidered patch with the word HEARING ALERT in White/Red and a black border.

Our patches can be used individually or in combination with other patches. These are not iron on patches.

Patches are sold individually, not pairs. There are no laws that dictate where or how many patches should be on a vest. Most clients use two patches; one for each side.

  • Order one or two patches for each vest/harness
  • All patches are 3.5 inches wide
  • Patches are sold individually, NOT in a pair
  • These are NOT iron on patches. They can be sewn or glued on effectively
  • For every purchase made, a portion of the proceeds goes to helping care for homeless pets across the United States.