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Flying with Your ESA or Service Dog is a Breeze with NSAR's Travel Tips!
  • Give advanced notification to your airline and ask what the requirements are for flying with your service dog or ESA.

  • If you’re flying with an ESA, be prepared to present your letter of prescription from a licensed mental health provider. All airlines accept letters written by licensed mental health professionals contracted with Chilhowee Psychological Services (www.cptas.com). We advise emailing or faxing the letter of prescription to the airline you’re flying with in advance to receive fewer questions at check-in.
  • Have your furry friend dressed to impress with his/her identification markers: vest, leash, ID cards, ID tag, and/or carrier.

  • Advise the counter clerk that you’ll be traveling with a service dog or an ESA.

  • Once at the gate, it’s a good idea to advise the attending airline personnel that you’re accompanied by your service dog or ESA. Often, this will allow you to pre-board for both your and other passengers convenience.

  • Last of all, sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip!
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NSAR Assistance Animal of the Month
Rocky the ESA
Rocky is our Assistance animal for December 2017!
Great job Rocky!

Enter your ESA / Service Dog / Therapy Animal in NSAR’s Assistance Animal of the Month contest! Each month’s winner will:

  • Be featured in next month’s newsletter
  • Win a free service collar, leash, or vest
  • Receive a winner’s certificate showing your animal. This certificate is suitable for framing. 

To enter, just email us a clear photo of your animal, a brief statement on how registration with NSAR has made an impact on your life, and include:

  • Your name
  • Animal name
  • Animal ID number
  • Your city and state

Entries must be received by January 1, 2018

By submitting your photo and statement to NSAR you give NSAR permission to use your photo, testimony, and first name for commercial and promotional purposes. Your contact information will never be shared with a 3rd party!
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