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NSAR was a life saver. They were able to expedite our order and we were able to get our paperwork within 48 hours allowing us to travel with our ESA just in time for Thanksgiving. I would highly recommend NSAR to anyone with a service animal.
Jeremy S. · Los Angeles, CA · 12/05/2014

As a former Professional Dog Trainer, I've worked with numerous clients who wish to register their dogs as service animals. I've never been truly satisfied with the organizations I've come across, until I found National Service Animal Registry (NSAR). I am very confident that anyone needing this service will find a most professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff who can answer every possible question on how to best register and/or certify your animal. Courtney, Carrieann and Joy are NSAR'S dream team! In three words: NSAR'S the best!
RWH · Nanuet, NY · 03/15/2014

Thank you! Your organization is fantastic for helping people like me with their service animals!!
Denise S. · Colorado Springs, CO · 01/31/2014

I received my registration documents today and I have got to tell you, I'm impressed! What a professional looking package! I will definitely recommend you to my friends! Thank you!
Patricia H · West Valley City, UT · 01/14/2014

I would like to thank you all for the fast service I received when I registered my two service dogs. not only was it easy but you got my information to me very quickly. The IDs have made places much easier to gain access to with out so many questions. I have vests for my dogs but it seems that if you have that ID on the vest it stops some people from asking in the first place. Thanks again!
Dave R. · Citrus Springs, FL · 10/17/2013

Hi there, We've had our dog, Sienna, registered for about a year and a half now, and it's been the biggest blessing EVER! Thank you so much for making our lives so much better!!! I refer everyone I know to your organization because I've been so happy! Thank you again! 
Wali D. · San Diego, CA · 09/18/2013

Hi Tim, I just received everything and its too incredible!!! Wowowowoww what a life changer!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! I truly cannot express how absolutely happy I am!!! All the best,
Maria S. · Key Biscayne, FL · 01/18/2013

Hi Tim, Your organization has been nothing but a pleasure to work with, you run your business like we do, all about the customers first. You will always be high on our recommendation list. Thank you again and happy new year!
Cheryl H. · Marina del Rey, CA · 01/16/2012

As I sit here with my family watching the smiles on their faces, along with a milk mustache or two, I realize what a blessing you are for helping me normalize my life. My service animal has changed our lives. When we brought Dobie home I had no idea he would truly change our lives. The information on your website gave me the courage to take charge of my life. Our family improves every day because of our little English Bulldog. Thank you for all you have done for us.
Robert C. · San Marcos, TX · 12/19/2011

Again, Thank you for this service. I was so happy and relieved to register KT, and will be able to take her with me during my normal activities that when I clicked on send I had tears in my eyes.
Ce Cayne · Victoria, BC · 11/20/2011

Dear Tim, WITH GRATITUDE, I appreciate you (and your company) so much!!! THANK YOU for helping me with this wonderful service you do for so many of us. Blessings!
Judy Gabor · Los Angeles, CA · 09/05/2011

Wow! You shipped it already? Thank you!! Possible Hurricaine has me worrying. I received the pdf files yesterday and they are being printed up today in case we have to deal with the storm having those papers is one less worry. You guys are GREAT.
Celeste Moulton · Londonderry, NH · 08/24/2011

I received your printable email documents today and turned them into my hotel. My dog Buddy and I are EXTREMELY happy (and relieved) to say, the PDF ID and CERT were accepted!
Joel Garcia · San Diego, CA · 08/11/2011

I registered my dog through your website today and when I called to ask some follow-up questions a young woman named Courtney assisted me. I was impressed by how polite, helpful, empathetic and professional she was in her interaction with me and she served as an excellent representative for your company. We tend to report the negative experiences we have with customer service workers, so I believe it is only fair to take a moment to complement those that provide the kind of outstanding service Courtney displayed with me today.
Tara Klein · Peoria, AZ · 06/09/2011

I have been extremely pleased with your products and service . . . and as soon as I can come up with a photo of Rosemary's dog, I will be registering him with NSAR, as well!
Roger Pope · Soldotna, AK · 04/01/2011

Dear Tim,
Thank you for your prompt service. I very much appreciate your attention to details and quick return for the mobility patch and Obsidian Black Vest. Your company has always given us excellent service. Thank you so much!
Brianna Clifford · Columbia, SC · 03/14/2011

I received my dog Chelsea's service dog kit today. Thank You for your speedy and GREAT Service, you do a Needed Service for Well Behaved dogs and their Owners I will definitely recommend NSAR to others I know!
Norman Baker · Shapleigh, ME · 10/24/2010

Dear Sirs, Thank you for sending my order so quickly. I am very happy with your company and pleased with the quality of your products. Thank you for the service you provide. Service animals provide a very unique and special service to those who need them, and I thank you for being a part of that.
Margaret O'Brien · St. Paul, MN · 09/30/2010

Hi Tim, Rec'd the kit today! Very pleased w/the service & product. Nick has already worn his tag on our afternoon walk. Thank you so much again for all your assistance.
Ellen Morse-Weston · ptos, CA · 09/29/2010

I just wanted to say thank you so much, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. The quality of your customer service is amazing! I loved the email updates, they really made me feel confident in your service. Keep up the good work!
Natalie Chapman · Beaverton, OR · 07/07/2010

I was just reading more of your website. I am really impressed by Tim's story with his own service dog: when he had to really convince the authority to let his own service dog into the restroom! Thank God Tim, you yourself as a CEO, love animals and have a service dog of your own to know what life is like in these situations! You all are great! In your group photo on the website: it would be good if you identify yourselves under the picture. I am guessing Tim is in the middle....Vivian; which one are you? It would be great to have all your names under the photo so all us customers know who you are in the photo! My cat Biggie, my "angel" cat Nicole (deceased) and my bird Brownie thank you from the bottom of our hearts for NSAR; the registry, ID tags, listings, certificates and all the products. They are beautiful. Thank God for people like you who care about the disabled and our service animals who love us and help us so much, AND we love them right back!! How I wish I knew about you all at NSAR when I was a young girl growing up with my "angel" German Shepherd dogs: they would have all been registered with you!
Barbara Maddalena · Teaneck, NJ · 07/07/2010

Tim, Just a quick note to thank you for saving me today! If you guys hadn't been so easy to work with and quick to get me my documents, I would have been evicted because of my dog. The PDF file you email printed perfectly and the property managers accepted it as proof with no hassle! Now we're legal!!
Jon Heath · Sunnyvale, CA · 05/10/2010

Hi Colby! Thank you very much for your "above and beyond" service. The prinatble documents you emailed me worked perfectly! You guys are great.
Christina Lee · Shoreline, WA · 04/18/2010

Hi Tim: Thanks SO much for your prompt delivery of Heidi's registration ID tags and other goodies. I really appreciate the speed and the excellent quality of the tags. I also very much enjoyed our quick chat when I had a question about downloading her pictures. Just wanted to say thank you very, very much!
Ellen Weatherbee · Pinckney, MI · 04/17/2010

Donna McKinney · Lyon Mountain, NY · 12/18/2009

Thank you so much for your response.I really want to complement you on your great service. I have never received anything so quickly. I am also very thankful. I suffer from social phobia and having my little buddy with me (Kaylee) is of great support. I have always taken her everywhere and tried to be very discreet.

The company I work for has always been great about letting her come to work and they also let me take her on a business trip to Denmark (which fortunately is a very dog friendly country). It is such a relief to now have her as my OFFICIAL service companion. Thanks so much!
Michelle Kuhl (& Kaylee) · Indianapolis, IN · 11/23/2009

You have made me and Jerry very happy :)
PS - your customer service is extraordinary!
Nilda Espejo · Las Vegas, NV · 11/16/2009

NSAR and staff,
You probably hear it all the time but i just had to tell you how much your services means to me. First, you customized your certificates and photo IDs for my seizure alert cat (Skye)and my emotional support cat (Bobbie), didn't charge me extra to do it, and made me feel like you were happy to - even after all my telephone calls. What business does that anymore??
Best of all I had my registration packages just 3 days after I placed the order. You guys are the best and I'm telling everyone I know.
Roger Hunsberger · Minneapolis, MN · 10/24/2009

You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find an agency who understands that an emotional support animal can be a hedgehog. Even with a letter from my doctor, no one one would help. Thanks for being there for me!
Kim Miller · Tacoma, WA · 10/23/2009

Aloha Tim,
Just a quick email to say how much I appreciate you answering my many questions and guiding me through the registration process for Pinky. I feel like I'm prepared to go anywhere now and answer any question asked of me about my service dog. Thanks for coaching me.
Sky St. James · Honolulu, HI · 10/12/2009

Dear Deni,
You won't believe it but i already received the registration kit for Noel! 2 days. Not sure how you did that but thanks. Very professional documentation by the way.
Judy McMillan · Smyrna, GA · 09/29/2009

Hi Tim, I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your service and the quality of the Knot-A-Leash and the Don't pet me Patches. And, especially you mailing the patches out ASAP knowing my harness gal was waiting for them to sew them on my pending order from her. That tells me something about how committed you are to your customers satisfaction - no matter what the size order is. Hopefully I'll be able to register both my cats in the next few weeks!
Roger Hunsberger · Minneapolis, MN · 09/20/2009

Dear NSAR,
Thanks for the quick shipping and great documentation. When you buy online you never know what you'll get (if anything!!). I'm very happy and glad I used your company to registerd my dog.
Lyudmila Shimonova · Seattle, WA · 08/29/2009

Like some of your other clients described in their testimonials, Goliath was previously registered with another business concern in Texas (which will remain un-named). Their registry cards were a little amateurish, but we had no other complaints until we tried to renew Goliath's certification. Seems that they declined Goliath's renewal. But only after they cashed our check! They did eventually return our payment, but have yet to explain the lack of communication regarding the failure to renew. We're very happy to now be dealing with a prompt and professional organization in NSAR.
T. Chretien · Christiansted, VI · 08/27/2009

I can't thank you enough for your understanding and for shipping the replacement cards to me! I felt really silly for inadvertantly choosing the incorrect "service type" for my dog in my original order!! You all have been a great help :) I really truly appreciate everything.
Much Gratitude,
H. Andrews · Bozeman, MT · 07/27/2009

Greetings. I don't know what you did, but the packet arrived this morning (Friday) and I just ordered it yesterday! Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. You have made our trip a lot better. I tend to worry about things and this is a big load off my mind. It should prevent me from having to worry about her everywhere we go, helping me to have an even better trip.
J. Steffens · Independence, MO · 07/24/2009

L. Petterson · Prospect, KY · 07/19/2009

Hey Guys,
A BIG thank you for making it so easy to register Charlie. I'm glad I upgraded to the registration kit because now I have so much more confidence taking him ANYwhere. Not just the park where pets aren't allowed.
B. Verdino · Ft. Lauderdale, FL · 07/17/2009

Wonderful, Tim! Thanks for shipping the registration kit on the same day I ordered. you made my day! Have a great weekend.
C. Lee · San Rafael, CA · 07/16/2009

Thanks for the quick delivery! I won't mention their name, but before I ordered the service dog ID cards from NSAR, I'd ordered from another company in Texas and I was required to send a check. After waiting several weeks for the cards, I began emailing them and calling them. No answer! They cashed my check right away but never sent me the ID cards. That was 6 weeks ago. I'm still very frustrated about it but I'm glad I found an honest company in you.
A. Drysdale · Cleveland, TN · 06/24/2009

Wow, thank you ever so much for taking the time to respond to my e-mail and I appreciate the incredible amount of time you spent in writing your response. It was very much appreciated and very informative. I just registered my little guy with your organization!
D. Kaarto · San Diego, CA · 06/15/2009

Dear NSAR,
I had the hardest time convincing people that my cat was truly necessary for my day to day functioning and I have been asked to leave a lot of places even though I explained that "Bear" was a service animal. Since I've registered him with your registry, he wears the service animal patch on his harness, plus theirs one on his soft crate along with the photo ID card. I can't tell you what a difference that has made! I still get asked about him, but no one dares to ask us to leave. Thank you for being there for people like me!!
C. Price · Mountain View, CA · 05/28/2009

The Priority Mail package came today with the photo ID cards and Webmaster harness. Perfect fit!! I appreciate the quick shipping and all the email confirmations.
F. Higgins · Colorado Springs, CO · 05/11/2009

The ID cards have already come in handy as I took my service dog Niki into Starbucks today. The registratioin kit only took two days to get here and everything has a very professional and official look. Your company is great and I'm glad I found you.
A. Pettinati · Sunnyvale, CA · 04/25/2009

Please let Tim know I appreciate him answering all my questions when I called today. I just placed an order for photo id cards.
R. Maynard · Hartford, CT · 04/11/2009

I wanted to update you and thank you for making it possible for me to fly back east to see my aging mother and take my dog with me. The registration kit had all I needed, but helping me know how to successfully prepare and deal with American Airlines was invaluable. The time you spent with me on the phone really made the difference. I was surprised that several people on the flight asked me how I registered my dog (they were missing theirs, I guess). I ended up giving each of them a business card. Is it possible to send me some more? I have none left!
S. Hamilton · Baton Rouge, LA · 03/25/2009

I thought it would be too hard to register my dog Barkley as a service dog, but you made it easy and pain free. By the way, we looked at a lot of other registry sites, but jsut didn't feel comfortable using them. Plus the price of your registration was VERY reasonable. Thanks again!
R. Pistole · West Bloomfield, MI · 03/21/2009

Thanks for the quick shipping!! I was surprised to see the ID cards and leash on my doorstep when I got home today!
T. Whitehead · Modesto, CA · 03/10/2009

Hi Tim! Just a quick note to say thanks for helping us with our very first flight with Barney. Having the ID cards attached to his leash and the patch on his new harness made a huge difference. I was initially worried about how I'd be handled by airport personnel, but was only asked to show the NSAR certificate one time. The other times, they'd see the patch and ID card and waive me through.
R. Townsend · Cincinnati, OH · 03/01/2009

Dear NSAR staff,
Got my registration kit for Burt today and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. Only took one day to get it from the time I ordered! Very professional, too. Thanks.
B. Smith · Venice, CA · 02/27/2009

You have a very informative website and now that I have received the registration kit I feel much better prepared to handle questions and confrontations when I take my little Tiki with me. Thanks a bunch.
E. O'Sullivan · Satellite Beach, FL · 02/17/2009

Tim, Just received my new Service Dog registration kit and I have to tell you that I was surprised to see it on my doorstep only 2 days after I ordered it!! Very fast. Everything looks perfect. Thanks again!
S. Davis · Palo Alto, CA · 02/13/2009

Excellent communication and your service has been old fashioned - just the way it should be!! Thanks!
S. Rhymer · Helena, MT · 01/25/2009

Thanks for walking me through the registration process (it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!). The Service Dog kit has worked just like you said it would. Since I added the patch and photo ID card to Misha's leash, no one stops and questions me anymore - and that is a BIG change. I attached a pic of me and Misha with her new Webmaster harness showing the service animal patches. Use it on the website if you like. Warm regards!
B. Feriante · Chattanooga, TN · 01/17/2009

Hi Guys - I don't normally shop online, so I was nervous when I placed my order with you, not knowing how it would turn out. But you kept me updated and shipped my order in one day and even gave me tracking info so I felt good about registering my dog with NSAR. But then I got the kit I ordered and was VERY surprised at how professional everything looked! Thanks for taking care of me.
M. Olsen · San Francisco, CA · 12/19/2008

Very quick service and great communication!!
T. Roberts · Boca Raton, FL · 12/17/2008

Hi Tim,
I had no idea what a difference having the right stuff would make! I used get so embarrassed when my dog and I were stopped by store personnel or mall security every time I went shopping, but not anymore. They don't bother to even ask. I think most people don't realize that small dogs can be service animals, too. Even at Safeway they now see the ID card and service animal patch and understand I have a service animal.
J. Morales · Tucson, AZ · 11/26/2008

After comparing the various service animal companies, I decided on NSAR because your website and products looked professional. It was also nice to find a phone number so I could call with questions (I had a lot!). I wasn't disappointed!
G. Johnson · Tulare, CA · 11/01/2008

The Service Dog Kit was a great value, and the documentation was very professionally done. Thanks!
R. Hamilton · Corpus Christi, TX · 10/20/2008

I actually tried another service dog registration company before finding yours. The products were a real disappointment and I felt like I needed better documentation and support. Not only was your pricing reasonable, but everything was official and what I was hoping. Thank you.
D. Davis · Fresno, CA · 10/18/2008

Now that I've had the photo ID cards for a couple of months, I thought I'd let you know that they've been very effective. Even with my toy rat terrier (7 lbs), the service animal patch and ID card on the leash cleared the way for us in every place we've gone. Maybe the nicest surprise was that I no longer have to pay the pet fee at the motels I've stayed at. At one place, that was $50!! The savings almost paid for the registration package that one night!
B. Lebengood · Salem, OR · 10/02/2008

Hey Tim,
Can you send me some more business cards? I seem to constantly run into people in my travels who would also like to register their dogs. I know they'll be as impressed with your services as I have.
T. White · Savannah, GA · 09/19/2008

Hi Deni,
Thanks for expediting my registration kit - it arrived in 3 days after I ordered it. We were able to use everything on our tip to Boston, so timing was perfect!
A. McGuire · San Francisco, CA · 08/31/2008

You guys have excellent service and I appreciate all the communication as you kept us updated. My brother in law will be contacting you to register his dog if he hasn't already. Thanks.
L. Pierce · San Mateo, CA · 08/24/2008

Wow! Got my order quick and everything looks and fits perfect!
J. Anderson · Orlando, FL · 08/15/2008

I spent a lot of time on your website and think I must have read every single page before finally ordering (I'm a little nervous about being taken advantage of). You have a lot of info that helped with my decision, and the service dog kit was just as you describe except that I didn't expect the ID cards and certificate to be so professional. Thanks for making it a good experience.
D. Alzamora · Austin, TX · 07/14/2008

Hi Deni,
It was nice to find a service dog company that lists a phone number because I don't like to order over the web. You were very courteous and helpful as I asked all those questions. I'll let you know when everything gets here!
K. Sizemore · Durham, NC · 07/10/2008

Hi there,
I can't tell ya how pleased I am with the registration kit. My wife and I RV a lot and we hated having to leave Cosmo whenever we'd go shopping or out to eat. I had no idea I could qualify for a service dog, but after a little training Cosmo is now official! Thanks!
P. Straub · Caldwell, ID · 06/11/2008

A quick note to say how impressed I have been with my experience with you personally and with NSAR. From my first phone call to receiving my service dog products, it has been outstanding. And I'm not one to usually buy on the internet. I have several friends who'll likely be contacting you. Thank you!
R. Mitra · La Mesa, CA · 05/29/2008

Hi Tim and Company,
I received my registration kit and couldn't be happier. It's nice to be able to take Zoe with me without the hassle of explaining to every employee that she's a service dog. I'll be ordering the webmaster harness next week, but may need your help with sizing. Thanks again.
P. Morris · St. Paul, MN · 05/21/2008

Dear NSAR,
I'm glad I found your company. I'm 78 and I needed to be able to take my little Peanut with me when I go to town. I didn't even know I qualified as disabled until my daughter showed me your website. It has been real nice to go into about anywhere I want with my little dog.
A. Eason · Des Moines, IA · 05/11/2008

Thanks for getting my registration kit to me so quickly! It took only 3 days from when I ordered it and we were able to use everything on our trip for the family reunion. Warm regards.
K. Bartholomew · Portland, ME · 05/06/2008

Hi Guys,
Thanks for making shopping online so easy! I don't usually like ordering on the web, but after looking you up on the BBB and reading all you had to say, I felt good about it. I particularly like the way you've kept me updated and will let you know when the photo ID's arrive.
S. Kelly · Yakima, WA · 04/27/2008

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