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Tips for Road Tripping with Your Emotional Support Dog

One of the best things about owning an emotional support dog is being able to experience life with them in new and exciting ways. Taking a vacation with them is one of the most enjoyable ways to do …

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Bond with Your Animal: Ease Anxiety for Your Service Dog & You

If your Service Dog or Emotional Support Animal has anxiety, it can be very upsetting for both of you.

No-one wants their dog to be unhappy, but because of the special bond between Service Dog and …

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Why You Should Make your Pet an Emotional Support Animal

Do you suffer from emotional or psychological issues? Do you depend on your pet to provide comfort in stressful situations? Have you ever felt unable to cope in a public place because you didn't …

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Rules Differ for Service Animals Vs. Emotional Support Animals - Here's How

Many people feel overwhelmed and confused about the rules governing service dogs and Emotional Support Animals.

This is worrying because it means people who are already living with disabilities …

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Train an Emotional Support Dog to Calm Anxiety

Emotional support animals (ESAs) are known as dependable companions for individuals with emotional or mental disorders. In contrast to service dogs, emotional support dogs don't need …

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Service Dogs vs. Emotional Support Animals: What You Need to Know

Although some are quick to assume that service dogs and emotional support animals (ESAs) provide the same kinds of help for their handlers, their responsibilities, training, and access to public …

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How to Get an Emotional Support Animal in the USA

Animals can lift your spirits; this is an accepted fact. But if you have a mental or emotional disorder, you, like many people, may benefit even more from keeping a critter by your side, as often as …

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If Emotional Support Animals Are Banned From Planes

Airlines are lobbying for stricter rules regarding emotional support animals on airplanes. In recent years, the number of people flying with an emotional support animal has ballooned and airlines …

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Proposed Emotional Support Animal Rules Divide Veteran Advocacy Groups

A current proposal by the US Department of Transportation (DoT) to change the law about flying with Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) and service dogs could stop ESAs being recognized as service …

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Emotional Support Animals and Michigan Law

In March 2020, a bill was passed in The Michigan House that has made the laws around registering an Emotional Service Animals more restrictive.

Currently, the laws governing Emotional Support …

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