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How to help a Toddler and Dog Get Along

As toddlers grow up, it's common for them to pull the tails of animals, grab onto fur, and play with animal's toys. If this behavior is bothersome to your emotional support animal, it may be time to …

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Pet Obesity: Tips on How to Avoid Killing Your Dog

Obesity in pets is on the rise and can have serious health ramifications for your dog. Obesity in emotional support dogs and service dogs is a huge issue since they are supposed to be helping their …

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Pet Disaster Preparedness: What to Do if Disaster Strikes

Everyone thinks that they are prepared for anything and everything, until on some idle Tuesday afternoon, disaster strikes.

And boy, does it tend to strike hard.

When it comes to our pets, we …

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How To Find A Reputable Dog Breeder

Finding a reputable dog breeder to get a new dog can feel daunting and scary since you want to find a reputable breeder that takes care of their animals and can provide a quality dog for you and …

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What Plants Are Safe for Your Emotional Support Cat

If you're a plant lover, then you probably like to fill your home with beautiful plants, both inside and outside. Your inquisitive cat might also share your love of plants, but she probably shows …

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How to Keep Your Emotional Support Dog Off the Furniture

Whether you are starting from scratch training your puppy or trying to break old habits, teaching dogs to stay off the furniture can feel like a challenge! Between not knowing what your dog is doing …

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How to Properly Socialize Your Puppy

Have you ever seen a dog that wouldn't stop barking, cowered at loud noises, or lunged at anyone passing by? If so, chances are you witnessed a dog that wasn't properly socialized as a puppy.

During …

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How To Rent an Apartment with an Emotional Support Animal

If you suffer from an emotional or psychological disability such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD, then you might already have an emotional support animal(ESA) to help minimize the negative …

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Should I Get Pet Insurance For My Dog?

Have you ever wondered if you should get pet insurance for your pet dog or service dog? You know, the kind that covers a good chunk of medical emergency expenses for your pup, regardless of whether …

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How to Get an Emotional Support Animal in California

The "Golden State" offers many ideal running areas for dogs, and surveys agree: California cities received high grades for their access to dog parks, walking areas, veterinarians, and …

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