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Why Do Dog Feet Smell Like Fritos?

July 2021 Dogs

Have you ever cuddled up next to your service dog on the couch and caught the faint whiff of chips, only to realize, you're not eating any? Well, believe it or not, what you are smelling is most …

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Best Online Veterinarians: Personal Consultations at Home

July 2021 Dogs, Cats, Health

Due to the global pandemic COVID-19, more and more people are choosing to do their everyday activities from home. Whether it's working from home, working out at home to hair appointments and even …

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How to Teach Your Dog to Come

June 2021 Dogs, Dog - Training

Teaching your service dog or emotional support animal to come when called is essential to the training process. If you want to have any …

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5 Reasons Your Dog Needs Mental Stimulation - And What to Do

June 2021 Dogs

We all need mental and physical stimulation, whether that be going to work every day, going for a morning run, or doing mind teasers on Saturday mornings. As human beings, we require engaging and …

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How to Properly Socialize Your Puppy

April 2021 Dogs

Have you ever seen a dog that wouldn't stop barking, cowered at loud noises, or lunged at anyone passing by? If so, chances are you witnessed a dog that wasn't properly socialized as a puppy.

During …

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3 Ways to Slow Down A Dog That Eats Too Fast

April 2021 Dogs, Health, Dog - Training

Like humans, some dogs eat slowly, carefully taking one piece at a time. Other dogs practically inhale their food, as if it were their last meal. It does not matter the breed, size, or age of the …

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How to help a Toddler and Dog Get Along

As toddlers grow up, it's common for them to pull the tails of animals, grab onto fur, and play with animal's toys. If this behavior is bothersome to your emotional support animal, it may be time to …

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10 Reasons to Use Positive Dog Training Methods

April 2021 Dogs, Dog - Training

Number One

It is more fun. Your emotional support animal or service dog will enjoy the training process. They will be excited to see you and the training tools you use. Each new command or …

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Pet Obesity: Tips on How to Avoid Killing Your Dog

Obesity in pets is on the rise and can have serious health ramifications for your dog. Obesity in emotional support dogs and service dogs is a huge issue since they are supposed to be helping their …

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Pet Disaster Preparedness: What to Do if Disaster Strikes

Everyone thinks that they are prepared for anything and everything, until on some idle Tuesday afternoon, disaster strikes.

And boy, does it tend to strike hard.

When it comes to our pets, we …

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