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How to Keep Your Emotional Support Dog Off the Furniture

Whether you are starting from scratch training your puppy or trying to break old habits, teaching dogs to stay off the furniture can feel like a challenge! Between not knowing what your dog is doing …

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Service Dog Training: How to Retrieve Medication

Most people never think about a service dog until you see one at a pet-free hotel or restaurant. For people thriving with disabilities, life is made better because of an exceptional dog assisting …

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Train Your Dog to Ignore Distractions No Matter Where You Are

November 2020 Dogs, Dog - Training

Service dogs must be highly focused around many different types of distractions. We take them with us everywhere and depend on them to behave. These dogs have a job to do and we need them to ignore …

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Clicker Train Your Emotional Support Animal

Clicker training is one of the most effective ways to teach your Emotional Support Animal how to behave in the way you want, and how to help you with certain tasks.

Many of our clients tell us that …

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Teach Your Emotional Support Dog to Shake Hands

Shaking hands is a great trick to teach your emotional support dog. It is fun and relatively easy. It will entertain visitors at your home or while out on a walk. Also, it will be a fun way to …

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Teaching Your Dog to Walk Beside You

If you rely on an emotional support animal for your everyday needs, you know how important it is that your emotional support animal obeys you and follows your commands. The simple task of having the …

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Training a Resistant Dog

We've all been there. Countless treats and commands repeated ad nauseum. And yet, your dog still doesn't learn the command! It might be as simple as potty training or as challenging as a complex …

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How to Clicker Train Your ESA Dog

Dogs are more than a man's best friend. Dogs, along with other breeds of animals, has been working in the front line, providing emotional support as well as being the watchers and protectors of …

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How to Train a Dog Who Won't Listen

Do you despair that you'll never be able to train your Emotional Support Dog because he just won't listen to you?

Having a well-trained dog is important for every dog owner, but particularly if …

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Tucson, AZ: A Great Place to Visit with Your Service Dog

Tucson, Arizona is a desert climate known for its mild winters and hot summers, as well as its rugged beauty. It has a rich cultural heritage between Hohokam settlements dating back thousands of …

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