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Allegiant Airlines Emotional Support Animal Forms and Requirements

Allegiant Airlines emotional support animals and/or dogs are welcome for transport. NSAR makes their ESA forms available for download, as well as all the pertinent information you'll need to fly with your animal on their airlines. Downloading and knowing all the information below will help mitigate any stress you may have about flying with your ESA and keep you and your animal's flight enjoyable.

Allegiant Airlines Emotional Support Animal Forms

Allegiant Airlines emotional support animal policy is that passengers submit their emotional support animal letter and the following three (3) documents to Allegiant Airlines prior to the flight, 48 hours in advance.

  1. Medical/Mental Health Professional Form
  2. Veterinary Health Form, or vaccination record with current rabies vaccination information
  3. Confirmation of Animal Behavior Form (Handler Form)

Download Allegiant Airlines ESA Forms Here

If you're not currently working with a licensed mental health professional to complete the Medical/Mental Health Professional Form and/or obtain a prescription ESA letter, we recommend using Chilhowee Psychological Services (CPS). CPS is the original and most trusted and referred online provider of prescription emotional support animal letters.

Allegiant Airlines ESA Requirements

Allegiant Airlines emotional support animal policy and requirements exists to help everyone have a comfortable and memorable experience while flying with their airline. To help create that experience Allegiant Airlines require:

  1. The passenger may only travel with one (1) emotional support animal.
  2. The animal doesn't occupy the handler's foot space, as well as encroach on the foot space of another passenger.
  3. The animal doesn't extend into the aisle.
  4. The animal remains on the floor, under the seat or in the lap of the handler for the duration of the flight.
  5. All animals may not occupy or eat off tray tables.
  6. The animal must remain in control by the passenger at all times and be leashed/harnessed to the passenger or carried at all times.

To assist our clients in meeting Allegiant Airlines requirements, we have TSA-friendly ESA dog vests that come in three different colors, and emotional support animal collars and leashes that come in either black or red to keep them leashed/harnessed to the passenger. NSAR wishes you safe travels!